How to find a good groomer


Dog groomer

Most owners of Yorkshire terriers, once a month, seek the help of a professional groomer who buys, makes a model haircut, cut his nails, trim the hair on the ears, around the anus, between the pads, and in some cases, around the eyes and clean the ears. Trimming york nails should be done with care so as not to damage the nerve endings and blood vessels.

When you should start grooming your dog?

As sooner your puppy will go to the hairdresser, as calmer in the future will take all the procedures. The main thing to do is to find a bona fide groomer. Phoned him, do not hesitate to ask questions about what additional procedures are included in the haircut. If you have the opportunity to look at the work, use this. For yourself, you can make a general impression about the person himself, about his approach to your dog and his business. Ask about what cosmetics are used, shampoo and conditioner should be for dogs, according to their coat type.

Important tips:

I want to warn the owners of Yorkies that there are hairdressers who use honey. drugs to lull dogs to calmly cut their hair .. If you notice that your baby is in an inadequate or sleepy state after shearing, I strongly insist, forget the way to such a “woe-to-groomer”. They justify their actions by the fact that drugs of leading manufacturers and do not cause complications. All this is not true. Any impact of drugs on the central nervous system of a small dog does not pass without a trace.
 It is quite another thing when you need to find an approach and gradually train Yorkie to these procedures, I recommend to contact such groomers, loving and patient. They negotiate with dogs, talk with them, encourage intonation, give time to adapt if, for example, Yorkie is afraid to cut their nails, etc.

How to find a good groomer?

Such procedures for Yorkie, it is always stressful and busy spending time, so before you trust your pet to a complete stranger, you should seriously consider choosing a good groomer, then your Yorkie will develop relationships with it. The best way to find such a person, ask in the canine club. Another option, on the recommendation of your friends, and the best way, find a Yorkshire terrier kennel in your hometown that deals only with one breed and the breeder have gained vast experience with these cute dogs.

How to check groomers?

While visiting the groomer and the absence of the owner, your little Yorkie will think about the long-awaited meeting with you, so when you return, be sure to praise him, give him a “snack” for his 1.5-hour patience and separation, because you left him on someone else’s territory. Such methods of encouragement teach Yorkie to permanent procedures from which this breed cannot escape. And so, step by step, you will bring up a tidy and obedient child. Be beautiful and healthy!

“Surprises” during the Yorkie haircut


The first impression is so important

Then you need to carefully evaluate the possible consequences of grooming a dog for an unskilled or unprofessional master. About what troubles can wait for you and your pet in the artisanal salon, we tell below.

  1. The use of anesthesia for cutting. Often such a method of calming a too disturbing client is used by cunning and careless masters. Just imagine: for the first time your baby was in a foreign territory, he will have a procedure that is incomprehensible for him, and then Mom is asked to leave. Yes, the dog just goes crazy with panic. As a result, the master cannot find an approach to the pet and in fear of being bitten or left without earning money, just makes the baby anesthesia. Needless to say that the effect of drugs on the heart of little Yorkie is very negative.
  2. The possibility of physical effects on the animal. You will not believe, but it happens that the would-be master can even beat the dog during the procedure. Are you ready to subject your pet to such trials in an untested salon?
  3. The possibility of infection with fleas. This often happens with incompetent craftsmen working in second and third class salons. In this case, the unhygienic conditions of the so-called canine hair salon can simply be terrified. Imagine that in front of your Yorkshire terrier you trimmed a flea-infested dog, and all this infection, lying on the floor or somewhere in the corner, falls on your companion’s silk coat. Horrified ?! Go ahead.
  4. Non-sterile instrument. We hope, here you understand what threatens such a negligent attitude of the master to his duties. Whether his sterilizer is out of order, or it simply is not in the cabin – it does not matter. Your dog should not suffer. Otherwise, in the case of a cut in Yorkie during the haircut, the breakdown will not turn.
  5. The terrible quality of the haircut. Having visited once untested salon, you risk getting a pet with a haircut “shreds, chunks and bald spots.” Wounds, cuts and other troubles are possible as a result of the work of the unfortunate master with cheap tools. Do not put yourself and your baby at risk. Go only to a competent groomer in a good saloon. It will cost more, but the guarantee of excellent service and unprecedented quality is guaranteed to you and your Yorkie.

What else to expect besides cuts

  • A non-professional master in a low-class salon may illiterately approach hair cutting and shaving around the intimate places of your pet or around the peephole. In the first case, the pet will experience severe itching and redness in the intimate area of ​​the bristle left by the unfortunate master. In the case of eyes, the improperly treated hair will fall into the cornea and irritate the tear gland. As a result, inflammation, and tearing.
  • The appearance of dandruff and itching in your pet after the haircut. This effect occurs if the wizard uses cheap Yorkie hair care products. Remember, high-quality cosmetics for Yorkie cannot be cheap. From here and the price of services will be high. Ideally, if you ask to show you a tool that will bathe the baby. Be aware that high-quality York hair shampoo costs at least $ 50 per canister of 5 liters.
  • And be careful with the offer to pick up the dog at any time convenient for you. It looks like a very convenient offer. But even if you really need to leave for the time of the haircut, first ask about exactly where your baby will expect you after the procedure. Often, careless masters simply lock dogs in a cage before the owners arrive. Imagine the horror and shock that will survive your crumb.

So, a few recommendations, before choosing a groomer

  1. Choosing a permanent master for your baby, stop at good and expensive salons with an excellent reputation.
  2. Try to be with the dog for the first time. The master professional will definitely allow you to do this, and in no case will he persuade him to leave, because he knows his business and is confident in his abilities. And therefore not afraid to make a mistake.
  3. Ideally, if two masters work with a dog, one keeps and soothes the client and the other one cuts.
  4. The appearance of the master, his uniform, the presence in the cabin of high-quality equipment, cleanliness and waiting area for dogs suggests that you will be served at the highest level.
  5. And the last – a good master gains a reputation for his high-quality work and conscientious attitude towards each client. In addition, a competent specialist does not allow himself tactless statements towards competitors, whatever they may be. The responsible and experienced professional gets its small and large visitors thanks to its many years of excellent reputation and recommendations of regular customers.