Grooming a Yorkie

Grooming a Yorkie

Therefore, either get ready for constant trips to a professional dog haircut – a groomer, or become one yourself. If you decide, to groom at home then this article will help you to earn the basics of restoring order in the hair of the four-legged pet.

How to groom Yorkie at home?

To learn how to cut a dog at home, as an introduction, you can go to the salon once, watch the process, then carefully study the video on this topic on the Internet and then proceed to independent work. If the dog participates in exhibitions, then in the offseason you can trim the animal yourself, and before the exhibition to entrust a professional groomer in the cabin. If york does not participate in competitions, and the length of the “skirt” is not important, then it is possible and much more profitable to cut it yourself.

There are several types of haircuts:

  1. Hygienic- Held every 2-3 weeks. Needed to keep the dog in order in terms of hygiene. Includes trimming the claws, cutting out the hair on the paws between the pads, groin, under the tail, in the armpits, on the tips of the ears and next to the eyes.
  2. Model. Suitable for dogs not participating in exhibitions. You can cut as you like. The main thing is to comply with the requirements of hygiene and convenience of a pet. The most important thing is not to form mats.
  3. Standard. The fur remains short at the tips of the ears, in the armpits, in the groin, and under the tail. The rest is done in one length. This type of hair styling is carried out by professional hairdressers before competitions, and you carefully and often comb a dog between them and grow hair for this haircut, which has its own standards, in particular, a “skirt” to the floor.

How often to comb a Yorkshire Terrier

  • You need to comb a terrier 2-3 times a week so that you do not have to cut everything. Ideally, you should wash the dog once a week, but it is also acceptable once a fortnight, the main thing is not to forget to comb it repeatedly.
  • Hygienic haircut – once half to three weeks, in extreme cases – once a month.
  • A model haircut can be carried out every 2-5 months. It all depends on the speed of growth of wool. Standard requires careful care and growth of wool.

Dog grooming tools and workplace

If you are ready to constantly cut Yorkie on your own, then you will need an arsenal of improvised tools, which will be expensive at a one-time purchase, but if you cut it once or twice a week or two, it will pay for itself.

Dog grooming supplies

Tip! Watch closely for york behavior during trimming. Communicate with him affectionately, give a treat to the animal

  1. Table – the most important element of a pet haircut. If space and finance allow, then it is worth deciding to purchase a professional table for grooming. A dog on such a table is fixed with a leash. You can also fix it with a special harness that runs under the belly. If the animal calmly enough carries hairdressing procedures, then you can do with a regular table with a rubberized mat.
  2. Hairdressing scissors: straight and curved, of medium length or long (for cutting paws, muzzle and “skirt”), and of small size with rounded ends (for clipping areas requiring careful approach).
  3. Grooming machine – an important tool for cutting, which must be. Human typewriters are not suitable. Nozzles should be several (7 mm, 5 mm, 3.2 mm, 2 mm, etc.).
  4. Trimmer – for the treatment of tender areas (armpits, groin area).
  5. Combs – with long metal teeth, but not too frequent, and with frequent teeth of medium length. Plastic is not suitable for these dogs.
  6. Slicker – a rectangular comb with iron teeth (without plastic balls at the ends!), With the help of which combed tarts. Important! Pukhoderku cannot be used for combing mats at the exhibition terriers. The mats are unraveled by hand.
  7. Guillotine type claw cutter – cut off grown claws.
  8. Rubberized mat, on which the dog stands on the barbershop procedure, so as not to slip. You can take a rug for the bathroom.

How to start and how to finish a Yorkie haircut at home

1.The basic principles of Yorkshire Terrier haircut are neatness and respect for symmetry. Consider all the stages of york trimming and their sequence. We take the hygienic haircut as a basis because from it you can get any model one or grow it into a standard one.

Tip! During the procedure, you should put on cotton clothes it is not electrified.

Combing tangles The first action, before starting to “cast a spell” over a four-legged friend’s hair, using scissors and a typewriter, is to comb all tangles.

Tip! Fix the terrier so that it does not accidentally stumble upon them. If for the first time it is impossible to do it yourself, ask for help from one of the household members. After this procedure and before shaving off the coat, the dog must be washed. The dog needs to be washed before and after the haircut! If you work with a machine on an unwashed animal, the machine will quickly become clogged and fail. And bathing after it is necessary so that the hair does not have any prickly hairs that cause discomfort.

Wash your dog before cutting

You should be washed Yorkshire terrier can be washed before grooming process. Lay under the legs of the doggie rubberized mat so that it does not slide. For washing, you need to use special shampoos and conditioners to facilitate combing. The shampoo is diluted in plastic containers. The dog lathers from tail to neck, head last. Bathing water should be at room temperature! You can wash off the foam with the help of the shower, you have to start from the head. After that, the wool must be slightly squeezed by hand, then wrap the pet in a towel and dry it using a hairdryer.

Important! If you dry your dog with a hair dryer, he turns on the most minimal mode, and keep him at a sufficient distance from the dog so as not to burn him. Combing after bathing With a comb with long teeth we brush our pet.

Haircut by each area

  • Ears. One-third of the outside of the ear is trimmed in the shape of a triangle using a 2 mm nozzle or a small trimmer. Then align the edges with scissors, removing the excess sticking wool. Scissors need to be opened very narrowly, cut with small movements in order not to injure the little dog. Important! The shape of the ear should remain triangular! Then we also remove all the wool from the inside of the ears. Extra fine hairs in the ear canal can be plucked with your fingers.
  • Claws. Gently with a clipper, we trim all the claws at the angle at which it grins. It is more convenient to do this after bathing, as the claws soften. If necessary, then additionally file a file.
  • Wool between pads. It is trimmed with a machine up to 5 mm. The dog should be fixed and not twitch.
  • Under the tail. In this part of the hairs must be removed with a nozzle 2 or 3 mm.
  • Groin area. Hair in this part of the body is also removed with a machine up to 3 mm. If a summer haircut is done, then the entire tummy is clipped by a typewriter. If it is a boy, do not cut hair on the intimate organs, as this is a natural defense against external irritants.
  • Armpits. We cut the nozzle 2 mm. Here you need to cut very carefully and extremely carefully.
  • Back. We must begin to shave from the tail with a machine with a nozzle of 1 cm or 7 mm. If you do not leave the pet “skirt”, then shave the entire torso, including the stomach. If the wool remains, then York shave horizontally to a line equal to the middle distance from the upper back to the abdomen. Go through the same place several times to remove all excess hair. You need to cut to the line between the ears – above you do not need to shave so shortly. The legs do not shave, they cut only to the elbow.
  • Neck. With the help of a machine (nozzle can be from 3 mm or more), excess hair is removed. In front, she cuts to the throat (the beginning of the lower jaw). Important! Do not touch the head and ear area!
  • Breast area. Small movements in the direction of the middle of the chest pass a wide machine (7 mm), then you can walk a little smaller tip. At the same time, it is necessary to support the animal from below the head.
  • Stomach. If you leave the terrier long hair on the abdomen, then they are aligned to the desired length horizontally with scissors. If the stomach is shaved, then – a nozzle with a wide knife.
  • Paws. Carefully comb the fur on the paws and using scissors, pulling off the wool horizontally, vertically trim the wool to a length of 5-10 cm. At the same time, the wool should not stick out in different directions. The legs of the dog should be similar to some fluffy “columns”. If you want to shave the legs of York, then take the nozzle for less than 3 mm.
  • Tail. The tail can be trimmed as you like, or as appropriate for the existing hairstyle. You can shave the tail, leaving a length of 2-3 mm, and a brush on the tip. And it can be trimmed to 5-7 cm.
  • Head. This part of the body is cut last. The first thing to do is to comb the whole head so that the hairs hang down. Then you need to make a tail on the top, gathering all the hair between the ears and those hairs that hang over the eyes. If your pet doesn’t wear a tail, then use a machine with a 6 mm attachment to shave all overgrown hair over the eyes, forehead, between the ears. After that, put the terrier profile to yourself, hold it with one hand to the jaw so that it does not open the mouth, and shearing the lower edge of the oval shape with scissors – the wool from the ears slightly higher, smoothly goes a little lower to the face and slightly turns to the nose.

Bathing after the haircut

After the haircut, it is very desirable to wash the dog in the same way as before the procedure for creating a hairstyle. The procedure for self-cutting hair from a pet should be approached very responsibly and seriously. The most important thing is not to hurt your pet and to accustom him to regular care. And symmetry and creativity in hairstyles will come with experience!