Must have for Yorkie

Every baby Yorkie, regardless of gender, needs honest and benign care. After all, only care about the external data of the pet and control over its health will help you to preserve the beauty of this little representative of an amazing and beautiful breed. What you need to have in your beautician every little mod, we will tell you in this article.

Beautiful Yorkie – the reflection of the owners

Each little Yorkie is an unforgettable shine of wool and infinitely cute attractive face. And in order for your pet to always remain cute and funny, prepare in advance a dog cosmetics bag, which should contain the following items:

  • Cotton sponges. They are useful for washing the pet’s eyes. By the way, this should be done every morning. And as a washing liquid, you can use a slightly warm chamomile decoction or freshly but not strong black tea.
  • Cotton buds. Useful for cleaning small dog ears.
    Small nail scissors. They are used to remove excess hair between the fingers of the dog and around the ass.
  • Dog claw cutter. She is obliged to be in the arsenal of dog instruments in the event that you want to cope with the care of the pet’s paws.
  • Special brush and toothpaste. It is recommended to use these items every time after your Yorkshire terrier eats.
  • Cosmetics for washing: shampoo, conditioner balm, splitter. All this is used for ordinary dogs. If you bring up an exhibition dog, then you will have to buy a bunch of other means for grooming the coat, but this is a separate topic.
  • Hair dryer and a set of combs for drying wool. By the way, it is not recommended to start drying the wool immediately after bathing.
  • First, wrap the pet in a large towel and blot well the wool so that the excess moisture is gone. After that, you can dry dog ​​hair, starting from the bottom of the legs and rising up to the back. Air dryer should be only warm and in any case not hot. To brush wool on the face, use a special rare metal comb.

Secrets buying dog cosmetics

  • If you have taken a small Yorkshire terrier to the house and have already bought various attributes for it (dishes, toys, a sleeping place, etc.), then the matter remains only for the dog’s grooming products. But it often happens that novice dog breeders are completely unaware of cosmetics for dogs and as a result remain disappointed with the effect obtained.

How to make the right choice and choose the right shampoo for your little pet, we will tell in this material. But first of all, we will introduce you to the principles of contamination of canine hair and how to care for it.

Process of contamination Yorkie wool

If we consider that the little Yorkshire terrier has absolutely no undercoat, then there is a faster contamination of the coat. Since the skin of the dog, which makes up as much as 15% of the total body mass of the dog, actively produces sebum (sebum). It is he who in the process of movement of the dog is smoothly distributed over the entire length of the hair, which contributes to the speedy sticking of dust and dirt to the wool. As a result, the hair structure is completely closed, preventing normal breathing and nutrition. Hence the dull and unkempt appearance of the wool from the Yorkshire terrier. Therefore, it is so important to clean dog hair with high-quality cosmetic products in time and to provide it with good nutrition.

What you should know about dog shampoo and other cosmetics?

The most primitive shampoos for dog hair are products that contain water and sodium sulfate, which is the cheapest and simplest surface-active substance (surfactant). It is the function of dissolving and washing away the dirt from the dog’s coat.

In addition, if you use cheap dog shampoo with Laureth Sulfate Sodium, then soon the dog’s coat will become brittle, tough and dull. Therefore, it is so important to use high-quality cosmetics in the care of Yorkshire terrier hair and at the same time adhere to some rules for washing dog hair.

Professional cosmetics, in contrast, has a well-balanced composition of water, surfactants and active extracts from medicinal plants, which allows you to properly and adequately care for the hair of the Yorkshire terrier. One of the most popular brands of cosmetics for York today are:

  • Shampoos and conditioners Wahl (Germany). The perfectly selected composition of the components allows you to achieve excellent results in the care of different types of wool of the Yorkshire terrier. Your pet will shine well-groomed fur and on weekdays, and on the show ring.
  • Air conditioners and splitters Artero (Spain). All Yorkshire terrier hair care products undergo strict quality control and have the necessary certificates.

Rules by using cosmetics

Beauty yorkie-beauty life (2)

In order for the use of professional cosmetics to bring a 100% result, it is necessary to follow certain rules when washing the dog’s hair:

  1. Never apply pure shampoo to a dog’s coat. So you risk leaving a certain amount of money on your hair, which will make it heavier. Before applying the washing shampoo, be sure to dissolve it in a small amount of water and only after that wash the dog.
  2. If your pet’s coat is thin and sparse, you can purchase shampoo, which includes silicone. This tool will visually make the hair thicker and thicker.
  3. For damaged hair of the Yorkshire Terrier, it is better to buy shampoo, which includes protein and wax, cosmetic oils and lanolin. They will carefully fill the damaged areas of the hair and make the hair smooth and silky.
  4. For the long hair of the Yorkshire Terrier is better to choose a shampoo with the effect of the conditioner. This will ensure easy combing and shine of the hair.
  5. To clean the dog’s coat after the show, it is better to have a super-cleansing shampoo in your arsenal. He will quickly remove the wool remnants of the fixative, varnish, and various sprays.
  6. And most importantly – do not hold the shampoo on the dog’s fur for too long. The abundant amount of foam indicates that the wool is washed well and now requires light conditioning.

Trendy Yorkie Haircuts

Your little Yorkshire terrier is undoubtedly the most beautiful and cute animal in the world. You, of course, properly care for his fur and buy the most beautiful bows and clothes. But what to do if you want to somehow transform your pet and make it more original? Then forward to the groomer. And before visiting the master, stock up with ideas for unusual haircuts for your companion, which, by the way, are selected exclusively for the type of wool. This will make your pet extremely fashionable and stylish.

Haircuts for Yorkie with a classic silky hair

This type of wool from a pet is a real pride of both the owners of the dog and York itself. Still: a beautiful overflow of steel-colored wool with proper care does not allow you to take your eyes off a small lively toy. And still, the hairstyle is necessary even for such a fashionable and aristocratic animal. The following haircuts will look best on this Sobchak:

  • Short haircut with the transition “herringbone” on the type of imitation of chinchilla color.
  • Long haircut skirt (for girls).
  • Long haircut-flared on paws (for bitch).
  • In addition, a Yorkshire terrier with a classic type of wool can sometimes be subjected to a gentle coloring and turn a pet into a real elite representative of its breed.

York haircut with fluffy and slightly curly hair

This type of wool in York, although it does not meet the standard, nevertheless, with the right approach, the groomer can turn a little pet into a real plush toy. The main thing is to choose a haircut. Such Yorkshire terriers will suit the following hairstyles:

  • Classic haircut under the “puppy.” Care and combing of such wool will become easier.
  • You can shave the dog’s body and leave a nice flare on your paws.
  • We’ll have to, however, often comb the hair on the paws and prevent the formation of tangles, but it’s worth it.
  • Korean version of the haircut, when the muzzle of the doggie is chubby and funny, and the body is cut creatively.

Haircuts for York with a tough coat

This type of hair in Yorkshire terrier, although it does not require much effort in the care, yet in the uncut state looks rather dim. And so it is important to choose a cute haircut for your baby. Modern stylists-groomers offer such options:

  • Any haircut medium length. Here the main goal is to remove the split ends of the hair and give the wool a uniform length.
  • Good looking cute pants or flared flare of medium length.
  • Korean haircut with long hair on the ears.