Yorkie haircuts

Yorkie haircuts

If you’re holding a Yorkshire terrier, then when it comes to haircuts you might think you’ve only got two options – a short puppy haircut or a long haircut for shows.

In fact, with a healthy, clean coat, there are many different types of cuts – different lengths and styles – that you can try if you don’t cut your pet too short. However, even if you cut it pretty short, you can just wait for a while and try a different hairstyle as your dog’s coat grows relatively quickly.

Which is the best cut for a Yorkie – short style or long hair?

Many owners are wondering: which is the best hairstyle? Firstly, a lot depends on you and your dog, so ask yourself the following questions:

Which length of haircut do you like better?

Do you have enough time to care for long hair?

Will you be able to brush your dog every day?

How much time do you spend with your dog outdoors?

The choice of length of hair cut usually depends on the family and dog’s daily routine. For busy owners and families with children, a short hairstyle is more suitable because long hair takes longer to care for. For those who have the time and desire and for those who care about beauty, there is no doubt that a long haircut is a right choice.

A short Yorkie haircut is also more suitable for those owners who prefer to go out, play and walk instead of, for example, looking after and cleaning. If your dog plays outside quite often he won’t get dirty quickly with a shorter haircut and his coat won’t get woven into knots.

Note that even if you do a short haircut he will still need hair care. You’ll still have to bathe him and comb him anyway, it’ll just take less time.

One of the most popular Yorkie cuts is the classic one with slightly elongated wool. This haircut gives the Yorkie a neat and tidy look and shows that you’re putting in an effort and time to properly care for your dog. Once again, it’s worth noting that their coat is growing quite quickly so you can always add your own details and images to his haircut.

Types of haircuts

The most popular Yorkie haircuts are:

  • style cuts, 
  • puppy cut
  • teddy bear cut
  • schnauzer haircut
  • Yorkie poo haircut

Hygienic haircut

Hygienic hair cutting of Yorkie puppies is allowed from 4-6 months. A Yorkie coat grows at an average rate of 1.5-2 cm per month, so regularly leveling your puppy’s coat will result in a neater look and better hygiene. However, it is not recommended to give your puppy a full haircut before the age of 6 months without good reason, such as skin diseases. 

Style Haircut 

This model haircut is produced according to the requirements of the American Club of Dog Breeders. The main purpose of this style is to preserve the most natural look of a dog’s coat. Brief description of the haircut – short hair, ears and legs alignment for a neat and groomed look, and a top note – a neat bow at the top.

Haircut for your puppy

It is the most popular haircut for yorkers around the world, especially for young dogs. The main purpose of a haircut is to significantly shorten the length of the coat, and its length depends on the preferences of the owner. Normal lengths are no longer than 3-4 cm.

The name ‘puppy’ means that a Yorkie will look like a puppy or a young dog.

Squared Puppy Cut

This “hairstyle” is based on the aforementioned “puppy haircut”. The hair on the paws and body of a york is cut short, but the hair on the muzzle is cut so as to get a square shape. 

Using a small amount of styling gel on the muzzle can be the final touch in achieving a square ‘hairstyle’. 

Yorkie Schnauzer Cut

This shearing is done in such a way that one part of the wool is shaved relatively short and the other part is left elongated. Again, the length of the wool depends on the owner’s preferences.

Yorkie boy haircuts

In grooming dogs, there is no clear division by model for boys and girls, but many owners choose their pet’s hair according to the gender.

For male dogs, they usually choose a classic look. Many owners do not decorate their pets with bows, so they often choose a short hairstyle.

For boys, a la schnauzer hairstyle is good, with a puppy, lion, square and long mustache.

Yorkie girl haircuts

The owners of the girls want to emphasize the beauty of their favorite. In the image often there are different accessories: hair is decorated with bows, hairpins, ribbons, etc. This care gives your dog a luxurious and well-groomed look. Long haircuts are often chosen for girls, although short haircuts are also popular.

For the bitches of a Yorkshire terrier, a Korean haircut, a shaggy or chinchilla is a good choice.

A very attractive option is the “skirt” hairstyle. The back is short and the hair is elongated at the bottom of the sides and stomach.

Girls often have long bangs and hair on the sides of the head, which gives a lot of space for hairstyles and jewelry.


It is also possible to brush dogs at home. The most popular options are as follows:

  1. Ponytail. It is easy to make and decorate with different accessories. The most comfortable option is a hairpin or elastic band. If the hair on your forehead isn’t too long, the tail will produce acute palm that gives your dog a playful appearance. The ponytail removes the hair from his eyes and nothing gets in the way.
  2. Onion. If the hair is long, it can be used to make a fashionable onion among people. First, you make a regular ponytail. Then a bundle like an onion is formed, which is fastened with a bow. For your dog, this option is also comfortable and looks interesting and cute.
  3. Scythe. There are many weaving options. Scythes are created on his head, along his spine or on his back. The main thing is not to make tight weave, otherwise, your pet will be uncomfortable. Banks can decorate not only bangs but also the body.

Haircut of Yorkshire puppies

A puppy needs care on the fifth day of his life. At this age, he needs his claws treated. For the 3rd week, ear care will be added.

At 1.5 months of age, your puppy needs to have his anus cut out. The first hygienic haircut is required for the 4th month of life, and from 6 months onwards you can already experiment with your hair.

Many puppies are afraid to have their hair cut before the year is up. It’s thought to spoil the coat. Actually, it wouldn’t. You can and should cut your puppy’s hair, not only to make it easier to care for but also to avoid the knots that quickly form on soft hair.

Which haircut to choose depending on coat type?

  1. Fluffy: Yorkies with a fluffy cover are very good for Korean haircut. Thanks to the rounded shape and fluffiness, the pet becomes very similar to a toy.
  2. Rigid: Medium length of hair is suitable for these animals. If you cut it short, the hairs will stick out and the york will look rough. And if the hair is long, it won’t lay flat even after balm. Such a dog, again, will look untidy.
  3. Smooth, silky: Yorkies with such hair get all the cuts. With this type of cover, you can participate in exhibitions and conduct experiments.

An experienced groomer will help you find the best one to make your pet look attractive.

Short or long haircut

The length depends on the nature of the dog and the preference of the owner.

If your dog is active and spends a lot of time outside playing with children, he’ll need a short haircut. He won’t get his hair dirty and knots quickly.

If the owner has time for careful care, you can choose a long hairstyle. It will showcase your pet’s beauty and showcase the owner’s efforts in caring for your pet.

But no matter what hairstyle you have, you still need to comb and bathe your Yorkie regularly.

Winter Care for a Yorkshire Terrier

Many people think that the long wool of a Yorkshire terrier warms the pet up in winter and therefore does not cut it short. Actually, that’s not really true. Yorkshires don’t have undercoats, so the hair warms up the body about as much as our head hair.

During a long wool walk, snow, sand and reagent dirt get clogged up. Snow clumps stick to the cover and when it melts, it gives your dog a chill. And it’s hard to wash out the dirt.

The combination will keep him warm, but long coats will fall into knots.

Also, in winter, due to low humidity, hair spoils and dries. Extra care is required: intense hydration and nutrition.

If york does not participate in shows, a medium and short haircut will make it easier to care for your dog in the winter and will not cause him any discomfort.

Care between hairstyles  

To keep your pet tidy, it is important that you take care of him regularly.

Your pet should be brushed daily with a rounded toothbrush. The movements should be in the direction of hair growth, smooth and without jerks.

If knots are found, it is important to try to unravel them carefully. Oil-based products are a great help in this case. If it doesn’t work, you have to cut the knots. But to do it is a last resort because the resulting impellers will not allow you to create a beautiful hairstyle later.

The wool of the exhibition Yorkshire terrier should be put into the curls, placing them in a strictly defined order. How to do it properly can be looked at by an experienced groomer.

Bathing dogs can be done twice a month. Showroom – weekly. For this purpose, the shampoo for long-haired breeds is used. Dry your dog with two towels – one for water removal and one for final drying.

Where to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

  1. In the salon: it’s the most effective option. Experienced groomers will find an approach to your pet, make it well-groomed. The grooming salon has a large set of tools, comfortable washing, and quality cosmetics.
  2. At home: This option will be comfortable for dogs who are afraid of unfamiliar surroundings. The doggie will behave calmly, which will noticeably ease the procedure.
  3. By yourself: in this case, the owner needs to acquire a special tool and acquire basic skills.

Useful tips

In order to choose a suitable and successful haircut for your yorker and decide on a change, it is best to get professional grooming advice unless you have sufficient experience in the care and haircutting of your dog. It’s always easier to ask. You can also have a short interview with the groomer to see if he is the right person for the task.


The first thing you should know about the groomer is whether he or she has had a haircut like this before that you chose for your york. It is possible that the groomer has made such a haircut on other breeds, which is also a good experience. Ask him to share more information with you and be sure to ask for some pictures.

As long as it is a question of pictures, you should also show at least one picture of your Yorkie haircut to a specialist. Of course, you can just explain the haircut to the groomer, but it is always better if he has a complete picture or idea in front of him. It would be a lot easier for both of you.

How to Select a haircut?

When choosing a style for your dog, you should consider not only what you like to cut, but also what you can afford. Again, it’s important to have enough time to groom your dog, so if you choose a longer haircut you should be able to groom your dog’s coat to avoid knots and plexus that can be unpleasant for you and your dog of course.

When should my Yorkie get his first haircut?

Yorkie owners often ask the question – when can one get the first haircut for their terrier? A common recommendation is to wait until your dog’s coat has grown to the appropriate length or when he visually needs a haircut. While your dog is young, his hair may be called a puppy’s but it will gradually change to normal adult hair. Owners also often note that their dog’s coat has become thicker.

While a yorker is young, his coat can be cut in part by leveling off particularly pronounced areas, but whole-body cutting should be avoided as this can leave areas with very rare coats and the appearance of the dog will be far from natural. As you grow up, your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat will be thicker and more elegant.

The thickness of each individual dog’s hair varies but Yorkshire dogs will usually have to reach at least their first year before you can start thinking about different haircuts.

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