How much to feed a puppy

How much to feed a puppy

Why it so important to give healthy food for puppy?

If you already bought a puppy, you should start to take care imidiatly. The most important in a puppy life- is food. This means that if Yorkies are malnourished, it can lead to a serious risk to their health.

If we are talking about dogs in general, mostly they need a protein diet to stay in good health. You should give a portion of food that includes fish, chicken, turkey or mutton as a main sources. Fiber is also good for puppy health, you can also supply it with sweet potatoes or brown rice. You can also add fish oil to your york diet – this will certainly make Yorkie wool shiny and long.

How to make feed schedule for Yorkie puppies?

Why it so important to make a feeding schedule? Little puppy, like a child, you should remember:

  • Feed your Yorkie four times a day
  • Puppy must eat every 3 hours
  • It’s better to write down all the menu

How much to feed a Yorkie per day?

As already discussed above, your York requires three to four meals per day before he becomes an adult and about two meals per day when he becomes an adult. Although this is correct, you should not measure the correct food intake by the number of meals. Growing Yorkie takes between 45 and 55 calories per pound to stay healthy, and an adult York may need less. The best way to provide the necessary amount of calories for your adult dweller is to divide or divide meals into three to four meals per day. When your Yorkie is fully grown, you can reduce this amount to two meals per day, as the required amount of calories will be lower, and your Yorkie will be able to get a little more food in his fully grown tummy!

Every day your puppy must have

1) Protein products:

  • meat and low-fat meat products
  • quail eggs
  • low-fat dairy products

2)Herbal Products

3) Food supplements (fiber, vitamins, etc.)

Each of these products plays a big role, they all combine and complement each other. Meat in the diet of York takes the main place: it gives a lot of nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, fat, and protein), but it’s not enough.

Buying specialized feed for Yorkies, pay attention to its composition. The approximate ratio of its components should be as follows: proteins – 20%, fats – 30%, carbohydrates – 50%.

Do not forget that an excess or deficiency of one or another nutrient (vitamins, minerals, etc.) can bring harm. That is why it is so important to count not only the composition of nutrition but also give the quantity.

The right food is essential for the development, growth, and health of your pet.

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