Homemade Puppy food

Homemade Puppy food

Simple menu for your puppy

Menu 1

Feeding interval – 3 h.

  1. Curd mass, whipped with yolk and raisins
  2. Raw vegetables with meat, dressed with sour cream.
  3. Pumpkin milk porridge with rice.
  4. Vegetable soup, boiled chicken and greens.
  5. Milk porridge “Hercules” with finely grated carrot.

Menu 2

  1. Vegetables with liver in boiled form.
  2. Buckwheat porridge.
  3. Porridge “Hercules” boiled in meat broth and pieces of meat in its raw form.
  4. Curd mass with sour cream.
  5. One boiled quail egg and milk rice porridge.

Menu 3

  1. Cottage cheese and bio-kefir with low fat content.
  2. Boiled buckwheat porridge boiled in meat broth with boiled meat and carrots.
  3. Omelet with oatmeal porridge.
  4. Pieces of raw meat and cooked vegetables.
  5. Milk-cooked rice porridge.
  6. Porridge “Hercules” and raw meat.

Guide: Which products you should to avoid

If you want your little companion to grow up healthy, playful and strong, be careful with the diet of your pet. Try to avoid products such as:

  • All legumes (peas, beans, corn, even boiled or canned, lentils). This product can provoke bloating in York and gives the baby a lot of unpleasant moments. Yes, and you too.
  • Pasta and fresh white bread ( pastries). It is a source of simple carbohydrates, that contribute to the formation of mucus in the stomach.
  • Try to give less boiled potatoes. Better raw grated. Or a little in the soup. Puree – is prohibited.
  • Do not give your Yorkshire puppy sweets, chocolate, and various confectionery. They are too high in calories for dogs. In addition, chocolate can cause allergies.
  • The constant presence of porridge in the diet of Yorkshire can provoke constipation. Try to feed your animal with cereals no more than once a day. On dinner, you can offer your favorite vegetable stew with pieces of meat or fish, or something from dairy products.
  • In addition, various smoked products, spicy food are contraindicated are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to give different bones (even chicken). They are too long and can cause intestinal blockage. As a result, the dog becomes constipated. If you want, you can only give your pet a large bone to clean teeth, but buy it in a special pet store.