Where to buy Yorkshire Terrier


New Puppy home

We always recommend you to buy a puppy in a nursery from a private breeder. In the market, or in a pet store, or at an intermediary you will not get any information about the parents of this puppy.

You should know all the problems that come from generation to generation. Even if the puppy with all papers it does not guarantee that the puppy will be healthy.

Tips according documents :

  1. Look through all documents according to parents of your future puppy. The breeders want to sell puppies at a big price, and you will not have any guarantee of your Yorkie health. These puppies are “spinning” in business to make money.
  2. You have all the documents, and you are ready to take your puppy to a new home. Stop. Ask your seller to show parents before you give money because photos it’s not enough to understand the quality. Photos can be attached to any champion with an excellent pedigree.
  3. You should be careful, they know that they need to tell the buyer, what advice to give on raising Yorkie.  A good house breeder will be happy to show your parents and will be ready to discuss the advantages and disadvantage.

Ultimate guide: What you should ASK breeder before buying a puppy?

  1. Puppies raised in good conditions by the 3rd month should be accustomed to “walk” on the diaper. A good breeder keeps the puppy in a very clean place and takes care of its hygiene. By the time your puppy is ready to go to his new home, he should be trained.
  2. The puppy should be in the house with the breeder and should not be afraid of the sound of the vacuum cleaner, the children playing, the phone call, the TV and video games. Good breeders, taking care of the psychological state of the puppy, raise it in such an atmosphere.
  3. Most responsible breeders also appreciate the temperament of each puppy, and they know which puppies are dominant and which are shy, which are the most energetic, and which are the most passive. Then the breeder can offer the new owner to choose a puppy according to temperament, making sure that energetic puppies can go to active families, and shy go to the house to someone who is used to silence.
  4. Who else knows all about puppies – doctors. You can ask everything about vaccines, health problems. You can find a breeder at dog shows, as a rule, they show their Yorkshire terriers and if his Yorkies have champion certificates, titles of CAC (1st place) of the Great Patriotic War (the best representative of the breed), but the price of such dogs will be very high.
  5. By purchasing Yorkie, be sure to show it to the vet. The puppy must have a veterinary passport showing all vaccinations and prophylaxis with anthelmintic drugs. Each state has different laws and requirements, you need to know about the laws, and know exactly what documents the breeder must provide you.
  6. Entrepreneurial breeders or middlemen provide a puppy delivery service directly to your home if you certainly found it in another city. I don’t recommend to buy puppies in such a way, because of many health problems:  shock, hypothermia, the acquisition of various diseases. And the breeder will not return the money back to you.
  7. REMEMBER: will not take a puppy younger than 8 weeks, because it will not be ready to separate from mother, brothers and sisters.
  8. Another sign of a good breeder, he will definitely ask about the conditions in which this puppy will live, and how the new owner will take care of him.

Please make sure that you buy from a breeder who really cares about dogs.