Healthy puppy

Healthy puppy

How to choose a healthy Puppy?

Many experienced breeders recommend starting a Yorkshire terrier puppy not earlier than three months of age when the entire course of preventive vaccinations is completed. The best option would be six months old, because it was during this period, after the change of teeth, you can see the perspective and quality of the puppy. The fact is that the active growth and development of young Yorkies occurs from 4 to 6 months. There are cases when a mini – york acquired in 3 months, already by seven months in terms of weight, exceeds all standards permitted by the breed standards. To avoid this situation, it is better to wait with the purchase until the puppy is six months old. Also, little yorkies need time to get stronger, adapt and get good immunity. If you want to be completely sure that you get a purebred and healthy puppy, take it no earlier than six months.

What you need to pay attention ?

Puppy health Puppy health is dependent on maintenance and care. Before you buy Yorkie, you need to know in what conditions he lived and what he was fed.

Care and hygiene. Yorkshire terrier grown in unsanitary conditions, often has health problems. Perhaps the presence of worms, fleas, scabies. Such a dog will be harder to teach cleanliness.

Nutrition. If both the parents and the puppy from the breeder fed on elite food, then the future owner should continue giving the same food, because of healthy problems. Translation from dry food to meat porridge with vegetables is possible, but with difficulties (there may be problems with the stomach and the manifestation of allergic reactions). Conversely, a puppy who ate tasty meat porridge will not immediately agree to eat dry food. Mixing natural food and dry food in the diet of Yorkshire is not recommended.

Overall impression. The body of a healthy puppy is dense, and the fur is shiny. He keeps his ears as required by the breed standard. The eyes are lively and clear, not clouded, without discharge. On the nose of Yorkshire should not be cracks and allergic rashes, in healthy dogs it is smooth and wet. Gums pink, without bloom. Already in a month, a normally developing puppy, can boast of good coordination of movements and curiosity.

Alarming signs

  1. If there is a dark, dry discharge in the ears, it is possible that the puppy is infected with a tick or has inflammation of the middle ear.
  2. If the baby Yorkie has discharge from the eyes (mucus or even pus), it can be assumed that he has an infectious disease.
  3. The reddish tinge of the skin and sticky hair around the anus are signs of diarrhea. It can cause: the presence of worms, eating disorders, infection.
  4. The presence of bald patches and scratching suggests that the puppy is allergic or fungal, microbial and tick-borne skin lesions.
  5. Coughing and vomiting can be symptoms of various diseases.
  6. A passive, lethargic, slow-moving puppy can also be sick.

Even if outwardly baby York looks absolutely healthy, a visit to the vet is a must-have procedure. A good specialist will not only conduct an inspection of a puppy, but also tell you about the features of care and maintenance of your dog.