How to potty train a puppy Yorkie?

How to potty train a puppy Yorkie?

Do you already have your dog? Now you need to teach him elementary things that will make your coexistence, more comfortable and enjoyable. It will be about teaching a little pet to the tray.

As soon as the puppy is in your home, you need to provide him with a place where, in your opinion, he can do his business. Note that baby Yorkie is still very tiny, and may not always do as you want.

The Yorkie is a small toy breed that is not suited to outdoor living. what about the toilets?

Not many people want to see their apartment turned into a big puppy litter box. In principle, there is a simple solution: the animal must be taught to go to the toilet there.

How do you quickly get a Yorkie used to a diaper or tray?

What not to do during toilet training

You should not stick the pup’s muzzle into the wrong puddle, where he reduced his craving. You cannot force a dog to understand that he is committing a crime. It is impossible to scold, especially to beat a puppy in the wrong place – up to the age of six months he already knows how to endure. The dog will not associate his miss with the displeasure of the owner if the puddle is discovered after a while. The owner must be persistent in training, but always remain kind. Babies up to 4 months have an accelerated metabolism, so they defecate every 2 hours.

Basic principles of teaching

How to quickly potty train a puppy in an apartment

In order to accustom your four-legged friend to walking on a diaper, it is important to follow the recommendations of experts.

  1. Developing a habit. Yorkie must be systematically put on a diaper, it is especially important to control the behavior of the dog. As soon as she starts to fuss and look for a place for the toilet, you need to take her to the tray as soon as possible.
  2. As soon as the Yorkie wakes up or finishes eating, it is necessary to transfer him to the diaper.
  3. Limiting space is an important stage of training, which allows you to monitor the behavior of the dog. The entire area can be covered with diapers, then the Yorkie will have no choice, and he will have to do all his business on her.
  4. Encouragement, the main rule of training. When a Yorkshire Terrier puppy goes to the tray or to the diaper, it is necessary to praise him and give him treats.
dog yorkshire terrier small dog

Toilet for a small dog – tray, newspaper, diaper

A cat litter box is not suitable for a home toilet, it is too big for a baby. If the animal cannot overcome this barrier, the conclusion is: it will relieve itself in more convenient places.

The tray should be made of high-quality material, have a grid at the bottom to protect the baby’s paws from contamination. The container is selected with low sides, a disposable diaper (newspaper) or a towel is placed on its bottom. Yorkshire Great Danes are sold in stalls with poles to mark territory.

Yorkshire dogs do not like mud, they will avoid such places. In pet stores, you can buy disposable diapers, the top layer of which stays dry. In pharmacies, the purchase of children’s diapers is not prohibited. An important rule: do not use wet cloths.

Choosing and preparing a place for the toilet

Before buying a puppy, it is better to organize a small aviary where the baby can spend almost all the time. There you need to put a sofa, a bowl of water and put toys. Spread a diaper nearby, on which the baby will fill his natural needs.

If the puppy runs freely throughout the apartment, then it is better to place the tray in a secluded place.

Corridors and walk-through rooms are not suitable for this, as people will distract him from his business. A bathroom or a bathroom is best suited for a bathtub.

It is important! The Yorkie must have access to a toilet. The door to the selected room should always be open.

Outdoor toilet training

To get the dog used to defecating outside the house, you need to take him outside 5-6 times a day after eating and sleeping. The walk begins with a walk, a light jog. You shouldn’t start any games, especially go home with a puppy until the goal is achieved. The young person must know why he is being taken for a walk.

At the initial stage, it is normal that the dog, after walking, sometimes continues to do chores around the house. After all, it will take some time for a pet to understand and follow its example on the street or in a house with a guide dog: after all, a puppy will need time to realize this circumstance – the parents do everything not only on the street (including at night). Regular walks will make the puppy feel more comfortable eating in the yard; as well as making sure of your condition yourself – this will help to avoid health problems for the dog, provided that he is regularly breastfed

If the dog refuses to use the litter box

There can be several reasons:

  1. He does not like the location, for example, a walk-through corridor;
  2. The filler does not fit – is played with it or is disgusted;
  3. Just doesn’t want to use the tray.

The first problem is solved by choosing another location. With the second, you will have to experiment and come up with different types of putty, completely remove them or more often clean the tank from dirt for several months after buying a pet on the street – this does not allow him to often relieve himself at the house due to constant disgusting behavior while walking around the apartment without the possibility of using water for drinking (including via a cesspool). The bottom of the last problem lies only in the nature of the animal: if it tolerates or pretends to want to throw garbage outside the premises, then it must be placed there too!

Breeders claim that Yorkies cannot be potty trained. They are responsible for it and will be the hosts. More miniature breeds defecate both in the tank and on the street.

Ways to accustom a Yorkshire terrier to a diaper or tray

Before accustoming a Yorkie to a coat in the house, you must remove all carpets (flooring). If the dog goes even once on the mat, the smell will not go away. Areas of the sofa closed for cleaning, under the bed and the like should be barricaded.

The training begins without delay, since it is possible to accustom a Yorkie to a diaper from 2 months. Even at this age, the terrier understands where he can go and where it is forbidden.

To begin to accustom a puppy to a place, it is necessary to limit its movement around the house, fencing an area of ​​2-3 square meters. In addition, this territory will ensure the safety of a Yorkshire terrier puppy with a tendency to crawl under his feet. You can buy a half-meter-high fence in a store or do it yourself. The paddock must have a sleeping mat, toys and a tray (layer).

It is forbidden to use it in the Aviary. The animal will perceive anything outside its territory as a street. He will relieve himself in the tray, and not in the territory of the apartment.

Three basic methods can be used to teach a Yorkie to walk in a diaper. After eating or after sleeping, the owner, when the animal begins to show signs of anxiety, takes it to the tray (layer). It requires repetition for the puppy to learn the lesson. If the moment is missed, the towel should be placed in the tray to fix the smell.

The second method is based on the fact that the puppy is locked in the “toilet” and cannot get out.

This method is also possible – covering the entire enclosure with newspapers on which the puppy can walk. The animal will initially select only certain places (logs). Gradually, the area is reduced: by withdrawing the newspaper in front of the newspaper or by leaving exactly the area of ​​the toilet dear to the animal; therefore, there remains a cleaning area for the puppy with its favorite habitats – transport cages between two kennels / canteens / canteen) or a platform near the basins with plain water inside inside free air above the bathroom

Once the Yorkie has done its job, it is to be praised. The tray (layer) area should be kept clean, this breed is very clean.

Installing and caring for the tray

The Yorkshire Spitz should live in an open space where it has 24/7 access. They put it in the bathroom in the toilet. When choosing a topic, pay attention to:

  1. On the material – they take dense plastic, it is easy to wash, it is durable;
  2. The height of the sides – comfortable for small breeds;
  3. Nozzle on them – prevents spillage of the filler.

you can put a tray for cats. You can buy clothes with low sides or learns to walk on a diaper. It is better to use fillers. They have advantages:

  1. Absorb moisture and odor;
  2. Prevent soiling of paws;
  3. It is more comfortable for the pet to go to the tray with filler several times.

The type is chosen based on your personal preferences. In the comments, good reviews about silica gel and wood. It is changed as needed.

What to do if the Yorkshire Terrier does not like the tray

The dog may not relieve himself in the right place, and also because he likes the tray:

  1. The tray cannot be arranged in a place where it interferes with the free movement of household members.
  2. The tray should be well lit, be available to the dog at any time of the day.
  3. Veterinarians consider a cat tray unsuitable for Yorkshire, which has sides too high for a puppy, therefore it is perceived by him as a second couch.
  4. Sand or pet litter cannot be used as a tray filler, this creates additional dirt carried by the dog’s paws or hair.

Is it necessary to punish the dog and how

Can a dog be punished for disobedience? Situations should not be allowed when the owner yells at his four-legged friend. If the animal pees in front of the tray, do not put its nose in a puddle and do not scream. This is especially true in situations where the owner did not see the “crime”. The dog in this case is not able to make the link between the cry of his master and the approach he has taken. Yelling and, above all, aggression will not help a Yorkie get used to a diaper.

If the dog made a pile directly in front of the owner, punishment is possible only if she does it herself. The owner should not shout, but shake the puppy with his finger and say several times “You can’t do that!”.

To note! Instilling fear in a puppy with his cry, you can only ensure that he burrows into secluded corners and does not find anything unpleasant.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When your pet grows up, you will need to have the newspapers in several places in the apartment so that he can use them if necessary.

The chick can go out only after the end of the quarantine. Usually the age of the dog is 3-3.5 months. But the best is to check with your veterinarian!

Walking on a leash is a surefire way to avoid unpleasant incidents. In cold seasons, the baby should be dressed warmly, after walking, check for damage and dry with a towel.

C The dog will not relieve itself where it eats. Just transfer the animal’s bowl to a forbidden place to stop it from going there.

It is very important that the puppy is accustomed to this. When buying a baby, you should pay attention to his parents, the conditions of detention at the breeder. If the mother was clean, the litter easily gets used to the rules.

Why you need to teach your puppy

Why Teach a Yorkie to a Coat? Small breed dogs do not tolerate frost well. Often puppies, going out in the winter or standing near the entrance (most often these are dogs of large breeds), stand near the house and strive to get home as soon as possible – it it is difficult for them to go to the toilet because of the cold). In such a situation, a real salvation will be to teach the baby to walk at night in a dream under a blanket for food from the side of the mother: she must wear it constantly next to the collar until he becomes possible to walk there alone without the help of a person; and also make sure he wears warm underwear after bathing before eating

Potty training a four-legged friend is a long process.

For your information! Only 4-6 weeks of training and the puppy will understand that grooming is only necessary for a diaper/in a tray.

How to teach puppies to a diaper?

Small puppies cannot control urination. The first months you can not walk with them, because the first vaccines have not yet been affixed. Gradual habituation to the toilet tray allows the puppy to adapt more quickly, and in the future the animal quickly gets used to it.

When you bring your puppy home, put him on a diaper first. Most likely, he will understand and go to the toilet. To start learning, it is best not to change absorbent wipes. The smell of feces will attract the puppy, and it will walk in its usual area.

Before bringing a pet into the apartment, it is better to remove carpets and bedding from the floor – puppies often go to the toilet. It is also necessary to determine where the puppy will defecate. As the pet gets used to the toilet, it will be more convenient for him to cover the entire space with towels.

During training, the puppy should be praised, and if he licked the diaper or urinated on it, reinforce the action with a treat. When an animal jumps out of a towel, you don’t need to scold it immediately. In this case, you need to remove the feces and treat the place with vinegar to get rid of the smell.

Some reasons why an animal should walk on a diaper:

Enki cannot control his physiological needs, which is why he often pees and poops. Moisture has a detrimental effect on the condition of the floor in the apartment, especially laminate and parquet. Not everyone can cope with high humidity, especially if the owner clumsily cleans up after the animal.

Therefore, it is important to teach a puppy to walk on a diaper; until the puppy has received the basic vaccines, it must be isolated from other animals.

The main mistakes in education and training

The biggest mistake many owners make when training a Yorkshire puppy is inconsistency. Often a puppy is allowed a lot, touched by his funny tricks, and even an older dog is sometimes allowed to ignore a command or perform it incorrectly in the presence of the dog’s owner (including using a whip). The main condition for effective education of “gentlemen” is to constantly seek obedience!

  1. You should not talk to the dog like a person, explaining in detail what to do and how. The command should be short and clear.
  2. Physical punishment is unacceptable. Regulate obedience only by tone, affection, delicacy. It is also not recommended to yell at the Yorkie, these dogs are shy and may stop obeying.
  3. To punish, as well as to praise immediately after a misconduct. If some time has passed, the Yorkie will not understand the connection with his behavior.
  4. You can’t feel sorry for the dog when it failed to fulfill the command. This may be taken as a compliment.
  5. After the end of the training course, you can not stop training. You need to train your pet regularly.
  6. It is not recommended to overload the Yorkie, to work with him for a very long time. It is also a mistake to teach a large number of commands at once.
  7. Incorrect intonation when pronouncing the command confuses the dog.
  8. Training without taking into account individual characteristics, environmental conditions, lack of consistency will not lead to positive results.

Possible problems and solutions

Sometimes there are problems with potty training a puppy. Sometimes the Yorkie refuses to enter the tank. In this case, you need to figure out the cause and, if necessary, replace the pot. If the dog does not want to put on the diaper, and the cold comes from the plastic tray, it is worth moving the toilet to a warmer room.

It is also worth paying attention to whether an unpleasant smell comes from plastic. If the smell is strong, you will need to replace the pot with a new one or replace it with the old pot with water and pet food due to poor water quality (it contains water). It is important to be affectionate after buying a four-legged friend: the first thing to do is to tame the animal, and only then to achieve obedience!

Potty training a puppy on a diaper is not an easy process. Above all, do not show weakness and watch the animal’s behavior. The patience and perseverance you have shown will soon pay off.

Where to place

She needs to know a few nuances when choosing a location for a crib

For example, this corner must be isolated. In order for the dog to be able to withdraw quietly and relax there, it is desirable for the Yorkie to remain in the comfort zone with an open window for walking or outdoor recreation: dogs of this breed often begin to feel a embarrassment due to the refusal to supervise the owners; if the pet’s bed is too far (from the bed) from the owners, then the chances of it sleeping are almost nil!

In some places, it is better not to have a deckchair:

  1. Near the battery, as it is extremely dry there, and in winter it is also hot;
  2. Near electrical appliances, as malfunctions in their operation can be dangerous for the animal;
  3. Near the balcony or front door, as drafts often occur in these places, and even in this place the greatest temperature differences.

To make the bed comfortable, you need to place it close to the place of residence of the owners. This will significantly reduce the animal’s stress level and give it the freedom it needs.

When should a Yorkie be diapered?

What they don’t say, but far from all Yorkshire puppies can be used to a diaper. In fact, the first person who should start raising puppies is their mother! To check this information, go to the breeder’s home and check his cleanliness: if the puppy does his wet business in or under water, so much the better!!! You have every chance of having a clean baby with clean hair inside the head (this process takes about a month). If they do those dirty things right before they eat, great.

Of course, take into account that small Yorkies tend to run out. But if all the puppies walk past, it’s a sign of bad parenting.

The earlier you start potty training your Yorkshire puppy at home, the greater the chance of success. If you’re going to teach this to an adult Yorkie with ingrained habits and a stable outlook on life, you’ll have to work hard. But patience, love and care always work wonders. Well, almost always.

The Yorkshire Pekingese is small, gentle and requires little food. In addition, they cannot be walked outside in all weathers. Currently, owners of Yorkies prefer to get them used to a welcome tray. Practice requires patience.

A cat litter box is not intended for home toilets. If the animal cannot overcome this barrier, it will defecate in more convenient places.

The tray should be made of high quality material, have a grid at the bottom to avoid contamination. The container is selected with low sides, a disposable diaper (newspaper) or a towel is placed on its bottom. Kenki who have a Yorkshire coat (and they are males) can purchase trays with poles for tags.

Tray with a pole for a man

The dog does not go to the toilet – what to do

If the smart guy is doing his job in the wrong place, you need to wipe the puddle with a towel and put it on the “right” tray (on a diaper or newspaper). The incorrect place must be thoroughly rinsed with a special agent. It destroys odors: if the area is treated with treatment, it will be possible to get rid of unpleasant odors from dogs due to lack of proper care for them after they have been fed food for them; and also relieve the pet from the harmful habitat of the dog while sleeping, it will become allergic to caustic substances

When to Diaper Train a Yorkshire Terrier

From an early age, you need to teach your puppy to use the toilet and not delay this process. The period of 2-3 months of age from a puppy to six months is considered optimal for training.

To note! If a puppy is potty trained for several months, an adult of this age can be very demanding.

Yorkshire mastiff in the palm of your hand

Yorkshire dog in a diaper

How to potty train a Yorkshire dog outdoors

After eating, playing wildly or waking up, all dogs go to the toilet. Yorkies are no exception. To instill cleanliness in your dog, you need to get him used to walking and correcting his needs on the street from an early age.

Jenki loves cleanliness, so to start, place special paper towels around the house (you can use diapers or newspapers) where you’d like to see your pet. Q If the surface is covered with rags and plastic wrap, it can lead to the death of the puppy.

As soon as the puppy wakes up, plays or eats food, immediately put it on a diaper (newspaper with a diaper), and when it goes to the toilet, remove the top of the newspaper. At the same time, leave the middle layer intact, and the puppy will already know where the toilet is.

On a note! Duck piglets are usually washed after 3 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to plant them in each different shift in a special place so that the animal goes to the toilet.

If you notice that the puppy wants to go to the bathroom and watch him. As a rule, any dog ​​at this time begins to run and turn with difficulty. So, she is looking for a place, then it is worth carrying her puppy to a diaper, and it is important, holding the puppy in the place of the toilet you have built, to say: “Walk, (name of the animal), walk! After the dog has “done its job” in the right place, be sure to reward it, for example, with delicious liver.

When. If the animal came down, so to speak unsuccessfully – do not scold it! By such actions, a small Yorkie can only be afraid or understand what he needs to do in this way, it will be impossible to explain anything to him in principle: this can lead to blood poisoning and the development of cancer of the skin in an animal from birth to death; but the understanding that the baby has to go – none of the people would ever just by any means (e.g. pull).

It is better if the puppy “no longer needs” on the carpet or in another unnecessary place – in a quiet, calm voice, explain to him what you are not satisfied with. With your formidable intonation, you will perfectly explain to the baby that he went to the toilet badly (and it is unpleasant for you), and then he will please his master! the chick must learn to walk on its own: it must be fed at the feeder after each passage on the carpet or other habitat; there are special trays for dogs without litter inside the cage.

Always praise and scold your puppy only during the action, after the animal has already gone to the bathroom, or even more so after a while. No need to express your dissatisfaction or your delight: the Yorkie will not understand you at the heart of his problem – he will simply remain motionless next to his tray (this is important for dogs), and if you are not satisfied with his behavior, then he will have to adopt a guilty attitude! This is how these funny miniature dogs are arranged.

You should not stick your pet’s nose in a puddle of water they accidentally formed on the mat. It’s useless. The Yorkies are only afraid of you. Be sober and patient, baby Yorkie! He’s just a child. And so you will have to patiently explain everything to him – as carefully as possible, without any extra words. Only then will the dog understand you and next time he will smile so that you don’t get mad at him for this.

How to potty train a Yorkshire poodle?

Since Yorkies are mini-dogs, they are not often walked, and here it may be necessary to accustom a pet to a tray. Yes yes! Yorkies can go to the toilet on a normal route and feel fine. In this case, you will have to go for a walk, at least once a day. How to potty train a Yorkshire Terrier?

Immediately, we see that it is ideal to begin to accustom a York to the plateau at the same time. When you have just had a puppy and bring it home, the less it learns to be clean!

The main thing is where the dog will relieve himself. It must be available to the animal even when you are at work or relaxing at home. that is, the dog should go there freely and at the same time not interfere with your work!

If you have chosen a location for the dog’s toilet in the bathroom, this door should always be open.

How to teach a Yorkie to go to the toilet on a diaper, we told a little above. Once he has felt his place and filled the tray according to his place, you must place this towel at the bottom of the purchased one. This is necessary so that the dog finds its toilet by smell and goes there to relieve itself. Over time, after about a week, you will be able to completely remove the diaper from the tray.

Remember every time the dog goes to the toilet and only go there to praise him.

If the dog is looking for another place, it is important to catch him doing this activity and take him there. Where you put your tray – it is necessary to hold the animal there for a while until it urinates or walks where it wants! This will give him the opportunity to understand the circumstance: that they are going to the toilet right here (this time there were two of them). Well, we praise the dog even more – when he succeeded.

Note that the first days you need to constantly do all actions with the puppy and in no case scold him for this or that. Remember, this way you will scare the dog and he will start looking for secluded places in the house to relieve himself.

If you catch a Yorkie doing something wrong and hit it, it will only add to the dog’s guilt. If the York has already moved away from the place of the Skoda, there is no point in scolding it.

York is a decorative dog breed that is completely unsuitable for life on the street or in a special enclosure. But even before the owner of the Yorkshire Terrier, the question arises: how to teach him to use the toilet? Owners of large breeds do not face such problems, because their pet can move freely on the street without any problems.

Training can take several months because inexperienced dog breeders miss important points. For this reason, a stubborn puppy does not want to be trained to a permanent place for the toilet. Today we are going to talk about how to toilet train a Yorkie puppy and what difficulties it will face during the training process.

When to start toilet training a Yorkie

Typically, this can take 2-4 months. It’s best to start at an early age – it’s very difficult to teach a puppy to go to the toilet of an adult Yorkie: you need to buy a puppy from a responsible breeder or buy it from a nursery down the street and start him at home after getting used to his diaper (from his parents). However, the dog must not be tied under any circumstances! She will only eat food from the box with the tray, or she will eat it alone without the owner on a walk in the open air; it also needs “water”.

At two months, the puppy is vaccinated and within 60 days it must be home. Yorkshire Doberman needs a coat to avoid stepping on his mouth. At 4 months, when the quarantine of the dog ends and the walk on the street begins (of course, in good weather).

Choosing and preparing a place

Preparation of a place for the toilet should be done in advance, before buying a puppy. It is better to create a small aviary, where the dog spends most of the time. It is necessary to put a bowl of water there and put toys for the animal. A special diaper should be next to the baby, where he should send his natural needs.

If the puppy moves around the apartment, the place for the toilet should be in the hallway (bathroom or toilet), where there are no drafts or direct sunlight. The most important thing is that the Yorkie has constant access to the toilet. The door of the room chosen for the tray/couch must not be closed!

Ways to accustom a Yorkshire terrier to a tray or a diaper

As we said, it will take several months. The most important thing is to choose the right tray and the right layer:

But it will take a lot of patience to train this little dog to go to the bathroom on a diaper. There are a few tips to make it easier for you:

  1. It is necessary to accustom a Yorkie to a diaper from the very first day. You can lay out reusable diapers on the floor and watch your pet. Gradually leave the tray (or diaper) in the place where the dog often relieves himself.
  2. In the process of accustoming, it is better to remove all carpets, because. they can later become a favorite place for a puppy. Plus, it will help to avoid damage to property and a specific smell.
  3. Aviary or low arena. Build a small fence for the dog and put a diaper in it. The puppy should immediately understand where he needs to go to the toilet.
  4. It is very difficult to toilet train an adult Yorkie. At 5 months, their character and habits are fully formed. If your pet ignores the toilet, then you can use special sprays, which are sold in abundance in pet stores.
  5. Another common way is treats and treats. If you see that the dog went to the right place, praise him and treat him. Don’t forget to iron.

Interesting facts about the Akita Inu breed

How to Toilet Train a Yorkshire Terrier with Newspapers and Limited Space

On average, a child in a family needs 4 squares of free space. There are two ways to secure your spot:

  1. A special fence that you can easily buy at a pet store or make your own from improvised means.
  2. Buy an aviary – a large closed cage.

The first option is less successful, as the dog in the crate begins to feel at home; outside – just as uncomfortable and deserted. Naturally, his instinct will work. There is a street behind the aviary and you can go wherever you want.

Newspapers do not absorb odors and require frequent cleaning. As for newspapers, everything is simple: the chosen room for the terrier is completely covered with cheap paper, and the dog begins to use it in accordance with its intended purpose (including for walks). The dog uses the paper as a means of transport, or it may constantly travel to it without it due to the lack of alternative habitats for dogs on dog walks; they can be used only if the rules of hygienic behavior of the animal are observed before returning home after a walk or a visit to a kindergarten / school camp); the “bedding” should be saturated with the smell of tobacco

We teach a Yorkie to use the toilet on the street

In any case, the dog must be accustomed to the street. After the animal has eaten, it should be taken out into the fresh air and walked around until it has relieved itself. Ultimately, the Yorkie can wait until he gets home and go to the bathroom there. But gradually, he begins to understand that other dogs don’t do this.

Here are some helpful tips for walking small dogs:

  1. Do not approach other dogs or cats, they can scare the puppy;
  2. Avoid puddles or deep snow;
  3. If it’s cold outside, the Yorkie should only be walked in good overalls.

Bad weather conditions are not the best option for walking the dog. Yorkies should be walked at least 5 times a day. For an adult dog, 2 times are enough.

Should a dog be punished?

If the Yorkie refuses to go to the tray or the toilet, he should never be beaten and poked with his nose. This will only aggravate the situation, because the animal will be scared and will continue to defecate in secluded places. More importantly, if the dog has been to the toilet. If you miss this moment, it will be too late and ineffective.
The best punishment for dogs is a rolled up newspaper. When the dog is “at the scene of the crime”, then he may be lightly slapped on the nose or made a remark in a stern voice. You will not understand the first time, but with persistence and persistence you can achieve a positive result.

Useful Tips and Common Mistakes

There are a number of practical recommendations that will help avoid serious problems:

  1. Before buying, you should carefully study the pedigree of the dog, talk with the breeder. This will select a trainable and healthy Yorkie.
  2. Do not hit or hurt the dog during the training process.
  3. Toilet training should be consistent, don’t expect quick results, be patient.
  4. Walking should be regular.
  5. Yorkies are very clean, so their toilet must be clean.
  6. It is important to communicate with other dog breeders who will point out your mistakes and give competent recommendations.
  7. The dog should be punished immediately. If a certain time has passed, then the punishment will be useless.

If the Yorkie refuses to go to the right place, think about the reasons for this behavior. The litter box may be cold or the dog may simply feel comfortable in it. As an owner, your job as an owner is to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Yorkshire dogs are one of the most popular breeds in our country. Doggies are gentle, agile and devoted to their owners. Although this dog looks like a toy, it is not. And yet, many owners think so of themselves in the winter.

In the seasons when there is not enough walking and walking on the street, the owners refuse regular events. In this case, the Yorkshire cat should know the rules of the toilet in the apartment or house. How to arrange a place for classes to achieve a quick effect?

When to start training

Whether a walk is planned or not, it is necessary to accustom the dog to grooming tasks. He must know that there is a special place to escape from an emergency situation.

Teaching practice should begin as early as possible. At what age does a puppy appear in a new home:

  1. If the puppy came from a responsible breeder, he already has all the skills. He learns this from his parents. In a new place, he is likely to be confused. Mistakes can happen. But accustoming will not take much time – the basic skills have been worked out. The puppy only needs to get used to the new environment;
  2. If the baby does not have such skills, they teach from the first moments of getting into the house.

Before leaving the quarantine, the puppy must master the place of the toilet in the apartment of the new owner. When the child reaches 4 months, they begin to take him outside and teach him to do his own business there.

Important: you cannot walk with a puppy during the quarantine period. The best tray is a layer.Diaper or tray

Jenks and Yorkshire puppies learn in a few months. For each baby, you need to choose the most suitable tray with fillers or a diaper for him. If cats or other dogs live in the house, you should choose the same species in other animals. It will be much easier for the hen to get used to the new conditions.

An absorbent mat can be purchased at any supermarket near the house. It is not necessary to buy special diapers for animals. This is just a marketing ploy, they are no different from similar children’s products. At the same time, there are often discounts on baby diapers.

Diapers are safe, but have a number of disadvantages:

  1. High price;
  2. Single use. They cannot be washed. Yorkies are very clean and will need to be replaced after each use. Otherwise, the dog will do his business side by side;
  3. Dogs are very fond of tearing such products. Pieces of the diaper can be swallowed, resulting in poisoning, volvulus and other dangerous situations.

But on the other hand, changing a diaper is very practical: throwing it away and putting on a new one. If you don’t wash anything, you can leave a few pieces nearby.

Yes, there are several options. But you have to wash them after each use.Stores offer a huge selection of products that differ in price and materials. There are trays with special sides, posts and coatings. It is better not to buy cheap products. The material they are made from absorbs odors very well. Sometimes you have to change.

As a filler, you can use newspapers or paper. A Yorkie puppy can perceive a different load as a toy, scatter it around the apartment and even eat it.

The toilets are located in the apartment so that they are neither in sight nor in the yard. It should be an isolated corner (corner). At first, it is placed next to the puppy’s bed and the diaper tray – they should be close to the age-appropriate dog’s bed; after getting used to it, it will only be possible to pass through the toilet without it: it should become a place of solitude for the animal, or animals have to find a place among the things of the owner of the house .

Ways to train puppies and adult Yorkies

If the puppy does not have enough time to train, he can learn already at the age of six months. After moving into a new house, York adapts the premises to be able to move freely. You can do it with:

  1. Specialized store fence, fencing. Can be made from improvised materials;
  2. Aviary. A large cage will do.

Yorkie is fed, watered and swaddled. For the first time, it is better to remove carpets and other removable floor coverings.

How to diaper train?

After eating, the child sits on an absorbent bed. To designate a toilet, you can use the following method: wet a little bedding and lay it in its corner.
As a rule, quick-witted dogs quickly understand what is expected of them and master this science in 4 months.

How to litter train

The tray is not very practical to place in a paddock or in the yard. In a puppy, you can determine the place that he himself first chose. Placement can be near the trays of other animals. Experienced owners do not advise placing trays next to cats if any loads are poured into them: wood and stone. This can lead to negative consequences.

In case of misfires, the dog is not scolded if he lies down on the owner’s bed. In this case, you need to exclude the presence of the disease, find out whether the dog is stressed. Dogs can thus attract the attention of the owner. It is possible that the dog is simply spoiled and mischievous.

Every good toilet trip has its own reason for praise and a bit of encouragement. Don’t get carried away with the treats: the dog will constantly beg for a treat. Moreover, such encouragement can lead to excess weight and developmental defects.

To scare the little Yorkie from unwanted places, special sprays are used. The liquid is applied along the edges of the floor and walls. According to the preparation instructions, the layer is updated.

Is it necessary to scold a dog

The yoke of York is not reprimanded for its errors. Until six months, he cannot control his cravings, and when he runs, he simply stalls.

Fundamentals of Learning

  1. If the dog wrote or pooped in the wrong place intentionally (in the opinion of the owner), the punishment should follow immediately. If the “accident” happened a few hours ago, the punishment will be simply useless. York may simply hold a grudge;
  2. Hurt or such a baby is impossible. The dissatisfied intonation of the owner is enough for the dog;
  3. You need to be patient, not a single puppy masters this science the first time.

Before you start training a dog, you need to consult with the breeder. He will help you choose a place for a tray or a layer, a cage and an aviary.

The dog must be able to relieve himself in a certain place, when he goes outside – to do the same without a doubt. The street is not just a place where a Yorkie likes to be in the company of street dogs.

Briefly about the main

  1. Toilet training starts as mono earlier, from the first days of getting into a new house.
  2. Choose a tray or diapers (disposable or reusable) as a toilet.
  3. Materials and place must be kept clean – Yorkies are very clean.
  4. From 4 months, regular walks begin, offering the dog another option – emptying the intestines and bladder on the street.
  5. In the process, you can not punish the dog physically, dissatisfaction is expressed immediately after the misconduct.
  6. By 6 months, the dog should master the skill.

Yorkies are quick-witted dogs who are happy to hear anything new. The main thing is to start training as soon as possible and be patient! And how was your training? Do not hesitate to share your experience or your advice in the comments: we are very interested in your stories of guide dogs from the Lightning kennel. We will be happy to help you find new friends for your dogs all over the planet.

In this article, we give tips on how to potty train a Yorkie. Algorithm of correct actions.

There are many recommendations on the web for training dogs in Yorkshire or similar litter boxes. Based on personal experience, and also without repeating the chain of many wrong or “non-working” tips, we offer you an algorithm of actions that will help you cope with the designated task. Yes, let’s start.

Tip 1. It is necessary to get used to the diaper immediately. With the place you allocate for a toilet or a shower at home – you have to decide before when the Yorkshire (bulldog) appears in your house and will live with you all day after walking the dog in the house: you can go home at home from walking outside the city, only crossing the road or using public transport using special devices consisting of plastic bags with interchangeable socks-partitions between them; there was no break when changing linens/feeder

Tip 2. It is important to immediately decide on a permanent place for the home toilet. At the same time, it is advisable not to change it later and even buy a new one or use it as a temporary habitat for a puppy (in the form of a pen). The dog “remembers” the location of the house – it remembers the space around it as a house: when the dog moves from room to room; or the puppy is inside all the time (“habit”). However, we recommend making one of the most common mistakes: keeping the dog outside!

With “Catch” the moment. As trivial as it may seem to some, eating is one of the most important moments in life. The period after a long sleep is similar (mostly we talk about nocturnal sleep). If you see that the puppy is going to settle in the wrong place or on the other side of you, pull it a little. Try directing its path towards the toilet in the house. It is very good if the toilet is close to the dining room. For the first time, until the dog gets used to the diaper.

Do not overuse punishments. The Yorkshire cat needs to get used to the toilet in the house. If you think you and your pet will succeed or should succeed on the first try, you are wrong. At this point, it’s important not to make the typical mistake of wiping your nose and yelling at the puppy for mistakes. This is done very carefully, but only after the “commission of the crime”. Please do this very carefully and discreetly. Such a light and polite allusion to the puppy will not hurt. For a while, you can repeat this action. But don’t use force.

Use rubber rags to change profiled layers. In the process of potty training your Yorkie, don’t skimp on cheap diapers. Also, they cannot replace layers of newspaper. Usually the difference in diaper quality isn’t that great, but products from less clever manufacturers may not be suitable for the initial stage of getting a Yorkie properly accustomed to a home grooming position. Moisture resistance won’t be up to snuff, there’s no odor suppressor, etc. Don’t kill cleanliness in the first place. And again, try to get used to it.

We wish you good luck!

At what age do toilet training begin?

It is better for the breeder to train the Yorkie. The baby begins to leave his bed to explore the world around him.
Yorkies never relieve themselves where they are. In this case, you need to lay layers around the bed. But it often happens that the puppy is not trained.
At 2 months, the baby begins to learn to walk in a specially designated place.

Which is better – a tray or a diaper

When choosing a toilet for a Yorkie, two factors should be considered: financial expediency and practicality. Trays are more expensive, but look better and are more comfortable to use.

The downside of diapers is that they can move it around and play with it. But they are cheaper.

What should be the tray?

Yorkshire dogs are miniature and need high toilets. The cat litter box is not suitable for cats. There should be a small barrier at the bottom, thanks to which the paws of the animal will be clean and dry.
There are many models of dog litter boxes. When buying a plastic product, you should pay attention to quality, size and convenience.
Yorkie boys raise their hind legs when urinating. Their board must be equipped with a special pole, otherwise some walls may rise higher than others. If the dog marks the ground, he can sweep it. If a tray with low walls can be attached to the wall, cover the wallpaper with oilcloth and paper.
It is important! It is not recommended to buy pellets in bulk to fill the tank. York may take them for a toy.

Which diapers to choose

You can buy special animal diapers at pet stores. These diapers have several layers, thanks to which they absorb moisture well. In this case, the top layer remains dry. This is important, as Yorkshire dogs will not go into a dirty toilet.
That’s why ordinary fabric is not suitable for this: it gets wet quickly and takes a long time to dry.
You can also buy diapers at a regular human pharmacy. The more expensive the diaper, the better it absorbs it. Ordinary newspapers can become a budget substitute. But they don’t absorb moisture well and need to be changed frequently.

Yorkie toilet training

Potty training a Yorkie isn’t difficult, but you do need to watch them carefully. This will help you get quick results.

If the owner yawns and the dog leaves piles in the wrong places, the longer the training will take.

Before buying a puppy, all carpets should be removed from the floors. The child may confuse them with a toilet, but it will not be easy to wean him from falling off the carpets.

It is important! During the training period, the puppy should be isolated from all places where the puppy can make a toilet.

First of all, the Yorkshire Poodle must be accustomed to the coat. To do this, you need to cover all the places on the floor where the baby made a heap.

A towel can be soaked in urine and the smell will come out. As soon as the baby begins to look for a place where he can be moved from place to place, he must immediately return there.

When the puppy constantly walks on diapers, their number can be gradually reduced.

Take your time or the Yorkie will start piling up on the ground again. Now you have to start all over again. Only one layer should remain in the space provided.

Once your Yorkshire Poodle is comfortable with diapers, it’s time to litter train him. Children can’t stand it, so you have to put trays in every room.

If the dog is already going to a place, the tray should be placed there. At the bottom you can put a piece of dirty diaper. Yorkies need to be clean as soon as they pee.

It is important! Cleaning up after your dog is very important. Yorkies will not use dirty toilets.

Toilet outside

At first, the Yorkie will need to be taken out several times a day. Toddlers lose weight very quickly, so they often go to the toilet. the tree must be outside: how do you get it out?

  1. 10-15 minutes after eating.
  2. Immediately after sleep.
  3. After an active game.

You can bring a soiled diaper to the York washroom. You have to put her on the ground and put her baby in. He will smell it and go to the bathroom.

  • So, be patient, it is very important.
  • First of all, in a dedicated place, you need to lay a newspaper or diaper. You can put a tray for dogs, in which we lay a diaper. You will need to teach your puppy to do all needs in this place. To do this, watch your pet carefully. As soon as you understand that the puppy sniffs and tries to crouch, turning around on its axis and trying on, immediately carry the Yorkshire terrier to the prepared place. You can poke a puppy nose in this place, in this case, it will better to understand. Do not forget to praise the animal for ingenuity and cleanliness.
  • Second thing: you should regularly show to your dog, where to go to the toilet (approximately every 2-3 hours). It is necessary to make such disembarkation after meals, before bedtime, after sleep, after the game.
  • Next thing: in any case, do not shout and do not scold the pet if he still goes to the toilet in the wrong place. A puppy will not understand you and just be afraid of you.
  • As a rule, within a few days, a Yorkshire terrier puppy will understand where he should relieve. Your task is to keep this place clean and change a diaper when it needs to.
  • When the baby-Yorkie grows up and becomes a fully grown up dog (3-4 months), it is time to teach him to go hiking on the street. This makes life easier for the owners.

A few rules that will help you to teach the Yorkshire terrier to do their work not in the house, but on the street

  • You should start to go for a walk in the early morning
  • Go for a walk 4-5 times a day
  • Limit the amount of fluid overnight.

These simple rules require your patience, but after a couple of months, Yorkie will know exactly what to do.
You can leave a newspaper or a home toilet only if you leave home for a long period (up to 5 hours).

Easy tips during training

  1. Important to remove all carpets and walkways. Firstly, if the puppy “spares up” once on the carpet, then he will do it all the time, secondly, it is very difficult to remove the unpleasant smell from the carpet.
  2. Decide in advance where the puppy will go to the toilet: a diaper or tray. Choosing a tray, pay attention to the following points: The toilet should be a little more cat-like. Tray fillers are not used. The grille mounted on the tray should be safe and allow the legs to remain dry.
  3. For the smallest puppy, use the following method: protect the territory of the room – about 1.5-2 square meters. Leave the bare floor and tray or absorbent diaper in place. Gradually expand the territory, and leave the familiar tray or diaper with the smell. Do not put absorbent diaper just on the floor – the puppy will carry and drive it all over the apartment.
  4. Use a special diaper tray. You can buy such a tray in the pet store. While the puppy is small, use several diapers, spreading them in different places.
  5. Watch for the puppy and the diaper, on which Yorkie walks less often, remove it. Gradually bring the number of diapers to one.
  6. Immediately after eating, sleeping or playing, put him in a designated place for the toilet. Use the “carrot and stick” method during training.
  7. If the puppy coped with the task correctly and used the tray or diaper for its intended purpose, then encourage him with delicacy and affection.
  8. But if the baby went to the toilet not where it is needed, then express your displeasure and slightly bend the pet’s head to a puddle so that it understands exactly what caused your disapproval.
  9. All odors of feces from the wrong places must be carefully removed, using repellents and sprays. You can purchase these products at a pet store or use home-made products with a pungent odor.
  10. This approach will allow you to quickly accustom Yorkie to the diaper. Have patience in the difficult task of training York puppy to the toilet.
  11. How long does it take to potty train a puppy? The whole process can take up to 5-7 months, but you should not give up and perform the same ritual all the time.