How To Train A Yorkie

How To Train A Yorkie

Regular training is the key to proper dog development. They help strengthen muscles and bones. The main thing is correct to calculate the load. Especially when we talk about small breeds.

Training for puppies

When choosing a set of exercises for your pet, you should focus not on size, but on breed and body type. If the animal has well-developed muscles, it needs regular physical exertion. Among those should be attributed to dogs of such breeds as a fox terrier, Yorkie terrier, miniature pinscher, bichon … They are characterized by high activity and excellent hunting abilities.

Best choice exercises for puppies:

  • Walking for 10-15 minutes in the park or garden in areas with dense ground.
  • The alternating fast and slow pace of walking. The intensity of the fast pace is determined based on the fact that during movement the puppy did not go to a gallop, exerting all its strength to the maximum. Gallop during training small dogs should be used only as a way to get emotional relaxation.
  • The long jump and jumping over low obstacles. These exercises perfectly improve the coordination of movements and will strengthen the muscles of the hind legs and back

If we talk about elegant representatives of ornamental breeds such as:

  • Chinese Crested
  • Rabbit Dachshund
  • Papillon
  • Pomeranian Spitz …
  1. They need a minimal set of movements in order to keep their muscles in good shape and at the same time feel quite comfortable.
  2. The main thing for them is to communicate with the owner and their own kind, an abundance of information that you can “collect” with your own nose, and, of course, a quiet rest.
  3. The best way to determine the best option is to focus on how your puppy feels. He should not come from a walk tired. Ideally, after a short respite, he should have a bite with appetite and demonstrate a desire to continue playing with the owner.

Short-term exercises

Classes for small dogs should not be complicated with heavy tasks. Long jogging for long distances should be replaced by a complex of several short-term exercises.

  1. Apporting is an exciting game based on search /give/bring commands. It is aimed at training the animal to grab and return the fitting object to the owner. To involve the dog in this venture, you must first draw attention to the toy, and then throw it in a small distance.
  2. Movement on an incline. During this exercise, the muscles of the hips and shoulder girdle work well, but the joints and ligaments may suffer. To minimize the risk of an inclined surface is to use it to rise to the top. It is better to descend along the gently sloping slope. If the animal wants to speed up, let do it.
  3. Games in shallow water. Running in low-water well develop the muscles of the back and forearms. In addition, swimming games in shallow water teach the animal to breathe when it mouth is closed. If the dog is initially afraid to go into the water, do not deliberately push it. It is better to first throw your favorite toy near the water and go ankle-deep into the water yourself – the dog will be cautious at first, and then happily follow the owner.

Games with a puller

When we are talking about training small dogs it is convenient to use a puller. The training projectile in the form of a ring flies well and rolls on the ground, does not sink in water. It is convenient for an animal to take a puller in the teeth, without fear of injuring the teeth and gums, or to wear it around the neck. For small breeds, it is worth choosing products “S” of size D19 cm. They are produced in the form of sets of two identical rings of bright colors.

Exercise using puller

Throw or run the ring on the ground. The dog will be happy to chase him and bring him back. If the dog grasps the ring tightly, try lifting the shell above the ground with the “trailer”. The game of pulling the ring between the dog and the owner. In a fit of excitement, the dog may growl, but this is not a manifestation of anger. When working with this simulator, remember that the puller is not designed for independent dog games. They chased the pet on the street, came home – get it out of sight.

Training an older dog

Dogs from 10 years and older. For them, it is worth choosing a special mode. This is due to the fact that in the second half of life, animals decrease mobility, have more often problems with :

  • coordination appear
  • orientation
  • sight hearing deteriorate.

The volume of the selected loads must ensure sufficient mobility of the animal. It includes daily walks of 2-3 times lasting from 15 minutes, depending on the state of health and mood of the dog. It is better to do this in the evening and morning. Well helps hydrotherapy: swimming, playing in shallow water.


While walking and doing exercises, the animal begins to cough or lose its breath, it means, that it too difficult for him to do such exercise. When symptoms such as loss of orientation or visual impairment occur, always watch the dog while walking. In addition to well-chosen exercises for age dogs, you should follow a low-calorie diet. A balanced diet will prevent the development of obesity, so typical at this age.