Kind Of Yorkie

Morkie – how big size? Shed? Read it

Morkies are dogs of a designer breed, which are very popular in the United States. This breed was obtained as a result of crossing the Maltese lapdog and the Yorkshire Terrier.  Morkies belong to the designer breeds of a group of small dogs, and are just very popular in the United States. This amazing breed was bred in America and is the result of crossing the Maltese lapdog and the Yorkshire Terrier according to a certain formula, so it is also called Yorktese.

At the same time, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale ( FCI) and the American Kennel Club ( AKC) do not recognize it as an independent breed.

Given the lack of a clear genetic standard, the result of such interbreeding may be completely unexpected, since in dogs, as in humans, the genetic characteristics of each family member can manifest themselves in the offspring (for example, a certain individual may inherit the characteristics of a maternal great-grandfather, a paternal grandfather, a maternal uncle, etc.).


Originating in the United States, Morkey was raised to be a favorite noodle. The main task for breeders was to create a small dog with a low coat, as well as a delightful teddy bear. One look is all it takes to see that this event was more than successful, as the grace of these pooches instantly melted you in a puddle.

While it’s unclear when the first Morkey was created, this hybrid breed has been gaining popularity over the past 20 years. Even though these furry dogs have been around for some time, they are still not officially recognized as a breed. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from wanting this angry teddy bear to look just like their perfect knee-sized pet!

While Morkie is by far the most popular name for this breed of designer dogs, york or morphier terrier can be found – they are not so memorable, but some people prefer them.

3 little-known facts about morkies

  • They are tiny at birth, weighing only 100-150 grams! Morkies are tiny when they are born, and do not grow very large when they become adults. Because of their small stature, they are somewhat fragile throughout their lives and should be carefully cared for to prevent injury.
  • Morkies can be good pets for people with allergies Carrots are not hypoallergenic, but they have hair instead of fur. They don’t shed much, so if you or a member of your family is allergic, Morkie may be the best choice for you.
  • Their coat can change color over time Morkies coats can be black, brown, white, or a combination of these colors. Their coat usually changes color as it grows, so your Morkies may be one color puppy and another color when they become an adult.


These are dogs of small breeds, the weight of which ranges from 2.5 to 5 kilograms, so they can very often be seen in bags and on the hands of celebrities, as well as dogs for small apartments. Height at the withers from 15 to 31 centimeters., And the average life expectancy from 10 to 13 years.

Morkies have muscular and short limbs, although they are usually longer than Morkies .  Maltese Bichon. The tail is not very long, rather of medium length, and also a thickness proportional to the middle head with a rounded snout and a lake that in most cases ends in a very dark black nose.

The ears descend to the sides of the head, their insertion is high, and they are protected by very thick fur in this area, the eyes are dark and rounded, which looks very happy and affectionate. In general, the body is quite compact..

The coat on the whole body of the Morkie is thick and of medium length, it is very soft and delicate to the touch, and also has a kind of additional woolen coat, which serves as thermal protection for the dog. The peculiarity of this type of coat is that they do not shed, and therefore people suffering from allergies can feel confident and safe with these babies, whose hair is hypoallergenic.

Height:10-15 cm
Mass:3-5 kg
Lifetime:10-14 years
Color:White, Brown, Black
Suitable for:Families, pensioners, people looking for a companion
Temperament:Sweet, energetic, playful, stubborn

Life expectancy

The average lifespan of Morkie is 10 to 16 years.

How big do morkies get?

Small dogs known as Morkies, or Yorktese, generally weigh 4 to 8 pounds (1.8 to 3.6 kg) and measure 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm) height at the shoulder. Their size might vary based on the size of their parents and their unique DNA because they are a hybrid between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. Morkies are often regarded as a toy breed and are tiny enough to live happily in flats or other compact areas. They are renowned for their hypoallergenic coats, loving, and lively demeanor.

Do morkies shed?

Both maltese and Yorkies have a reputation for being short animals, and Morkie will follow them. They are said to be hypoallergenic due to the fact that they have hair rather than fur. While this is encouraging news, when it comes to their coats, there is one catch.

Temperament / Behavior

Morkies are happy dogs and playful, despite their tiny size. These miniature bodies have great spirit and character! They love to play and will run around the house picking up toys and balls or picking it up around the backyard with the kids. Because Morki is so small, it is best suited for adults and older children. Young children, as well as they behave, tend to play carelessly and may inadvertently damage fragile Morki while playing. As for other pets, Morks also get along well with other small dogs and cats. Large dogs should be avoided as they can damage Morks simply by playing rough – we all know how big dogs are generally unaware of their size!

Underneath this playfulness, and sometimes with vanity, the Morks are real stroller dogs. These deceiving beetles have a sweet, loving nature and form strong bonds with their owners, wanting nothing more than to be close to them. However, there’s a fine line between attachment and overly dependent behavior, so be sure to teach your Morkie to relax when you’re not around; indulging in their whole needs can lead to serious behavioral problems, including separation anxiety. Although their size makes them ideal pets for apartment dwellers, Morks can be a problem because they love to bark. When left alone, this little hawk will bark until someone comes home to be with him, which disapproves of the neighbors. This separation anxiety can create a problem, so having an owner who can bring Morki with them when they’re gone is beneficial. Better yet, a person who is home most of the time would be the best, or at least a family where at any given time one of the caretakers of the house is.

Morkie Workout

Even though Morkies are classified as a toy breed, they will still need a certain amount of exercise and play on a daily basis. We recommend taking your dog for a quick walk around the block or to the park for a little fun. If you want to train your Maltese Yorkie in a dog park, keep in mind the other dogs around it. Biting or jumping on your little boyfriend can cause serious damage in a matter of seconds.

When he is denied exercise and company, Morkey tends to become destructive.

What harm can a small dog cause?

You’ll be surprised.

Tearing couch cushions, urine and defecation all over the house, scratching doors to bleeding claws, and barking incessantly have all been reported by pet owners. Make sure that at home someone looks after your dog and protects him from danger. If you can’t train Morkies daily, you might want to consider hiring a dog to do it for you.


In the case of representatives of this breed, it is necessary to devote themselves to everything related to the treatment of their natural dependence, this is achieved by knowing their own needs, which in this case are attention, honey and body care, because they are prone to separation anxiety and feel abandoned and abandoned.

Feeding this breed is an important aspect of attention as it requires good nutrition without frills because they are somewhat voracious, and by pampering them and getting carried away with this beautiful face, people give in and overfeed them with sweets and snacks. which they happily receive.

As for the fur, since there is a lot of it, it is necessary to brush it daily to prevent the formation of knots and dirt remaining in them. They don’t need frequent baths To keep their coat in good condition, in fact, a bath every month or a month and a half is more than enough.

Puppies of this breed are desirable to train them, as they are puppies because doing this in young or adulthood can greatly complicate the process, starting with socialization, so that from an early age they feel confident with other people and especially with other animals.

If you don’t know how to socialize your Morkies , you can ask for help from a trainer, veterinarian, or get information that will help you, always keeping in mind that they are not easy to train due to their strong and determined nature.

Patience in the person who is teaching him is very important, as you will certainly have to repeat this exercise many times until he learns, and always choose positive reinforcementUnder no circumstances do not use shouting and punishment, as they can cause anxiety, stress and fear.

Hair care

The coat with low molting is very fluffy and thin, and if left unattended, knots quickly form on it. Daily brushing is necessary to keep it loose, and because it tends to collect dirt, it should be washed about once a month with a mild dog shampoo. Products designed for human hair have a much lower pH, which means that they are much more acidic, and when used quickly dry out and damage the dog’s coat.

Morkies hair can grow up to several inches in length, so a haircut should be done every six to eight weeks to keep it relatively short and easier to care for. As mentioned above, dental hygiene is extremely important for small breeds, and daily brushing of teeth with a finger brush and dog toothpaste should begin when the carrots are only a few weeks old to establish this healthy habit for life.

Health & Disease

Morki are prone to serious and mild diseases. Regular visits to the veterinarian and a healthy diet are key to preventing your morbid health from deteriorating.

The main problem areas in walruses are the eyes, ears, and mouth.

In addition, these dogs may suffer from the same diseases as Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese Bolton dogs, i.e. tracheal collapse, cataracts, medial patella dislocation, hydrocephalus, chronic heart valve failure, renal failure and glaucoma. They are also predisposed to so-called inverse sneezing.

Serious illnesses:

A tracheal collapse is a progressive disease that makes it difficult for your dog to breathe. There are varying degrees of severity of tracheal collapse in dogs. Most of these can be treated with medication, although surgery may be required if your dog is very uncomfortable.

Hypoglycemia – As in humans, it can be serious and even fatal in dogs. Hypoglycemia is caused by low blood sugar. The most common symptom in dogs is low energy levels, but there can also be seizures, increased thirst, weight gain, or an irregular heartbeat.

Portosystemic shunt – this occurs when the vein connecting the intestines to the liver instead bypasses the liver. Surgery is required to fix the problem.

Minor diseases:

— Reverse sneezing — while it may sound frightening, it’s actually quite common in dogs. It happens when the soft palate is irritated by dust, an allergen, or another reason. The dog will have trouble breathing and it will try to breathe through its nose. The reverse sound of sneezing is an attempt to expel the irritant. It’s harmless. It’s harmless.

– Dental problems – Morkies are predisposed to dental problems.  That’s why it’s so important to brush your teeth daily.


Because the parents are small, Morkie litters are also small: proud moms usually have two to five puppies. In the first generation of Morkies , littermates can be completely different from each other, as there is no way to know which genes of the parent will influence them more. In the second generation, when Morki mates with another morya, puppies tend to have more uniform characteristics throughout the litter.

Morkie puppies are cute and downright adorable, but they can be easily killed or killed. Hugging them too tightly or rolling over them in bed can be deadly for this little dog. Care should always be taken when handling such a fragile puppy. Even as they get older, you need to be careful around them!

Early socialization with people and pets is important to Morkie . Growing up in good company helps your puppy build his social skills, which will prevent him from becoming a shy or timid adult dog. Kindergarten Puppy classes will help with these skills and will also become the basis for learning later in life.

Boy Morki or Girl Morkie ?

There are no obvious differences between male and female Morkies . Their size and temperament are usually the same. It also doesn’t look like the dog’s gender affects the likelihood of any health problems.

What are Morkie?

Morkies are a hybrid of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, created as a designer dog. However, simply telling you what breeds are used to create this puppy is not enough. Feel free to explore the sections dedicated to their appearance and temperament that we have created!

Do morks like to cuddle?

They are great for hugs when used as lapdogs. However, if you feel like you want to hug that adorable little fur lump, or if you want to sleep with it on your bed or couch, you might want to reconsider your decision.

How much do Morks cost?

Get ready to spend between $850 and $3,700 on your purchase! This price range is expected for certain crossbreeds, and it’s up to you to decide whether you can put up with this list of facts about Morkey or not. And do you think you can keep up with his eating habits? Also, are you aware of any potential health problems this fido may be suffering from and are they prepared for them?


Is Morkie right  for your lifestyle? Consider all the information we provide, from the temperament of the dog to the needs for care and the requirements for activity and training.

A perfect combination of charm, a beautiful personality and a fairly easy-to-care coat, I believe that a mixture of Maltese Yorkies is a fantastic choice for you. Yes, sometimes he can be a little stubborn, but that only adds to the pleasure of owning Morkie as a pet.