Vitamins for Yorkie

Vitamins for Yorkie

The world of vitamins:

Vitamin A

For a good, sharp vision of your pet and sufficient moisture of the skin, no dandruff and hair loss in the dog’s body, there must be enough vitamin A. It is contained in cod liver oil, carrots, butter, fresh greens and milk produced by a cow in the summer period.

Vitamin B1

In order for the Yorkshire Terrier to work perfectly cardiovascular system, it is necessary to use vitamin B1. It can be found in cereals, kidneys, heart, and liver.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 for dogs – the key to good heat transfer in the body of the Yorkshire Terrier. Your dog will not freeze to the bones during walks in the autumn-winter period. This vitamin is found in calf meat, poultry offal, brewer’s yeast.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 for dogs- cares about the stability and strength of the nervous system, provides an adequate level of hemoglobin. Contained in wheat germ, cod liver, fish and baby meat.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 for dogs – the guarantee of liver health of the animal. You can get it by adding to the diet pet buds, chicken eggs (in small quantities) and liver.

PP nicotinic acid

PP nicotinic acid for dogs – concern for the health of the dog’s gastrointestinal tract, as well as the healthy state of the nervous system and mucous membranes. The vitamin is contained in beef kidneys, liver and heart.
Choline contained in cottage cheese, cheese, fresh spinach, cares for the good condition of the blood.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D for dogs- cares about the strength of the dog’s bone system. Its deficiency can lead to rickets in an animal. Therefore, it is worth adding to the diet of York cod liver and veal.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C for dogs- is your baby’s immune system. Treat your pet with fresh vegetables, wild rose berries and any others that do not contain small grains.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K for dogs- allows you to improve blood clotting. Therefore, add in moderation in the menu of your companion green vegetables.

Vitamin E

Vitamon E for dogs- cares for the dog’s reproductive system and provides fertilization. Therefore, if your dog is growing up or mating, add wheat germ to the food.

Vitamin P

Vitamin P for dog– strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Contained in buckwheat, wild rose, Rowan, and black currant, as well as in orange.

This list of essential vitamins allows the dog’s body to work properly and not be susceptible to immune diseases. Therefore, always take care of the quality and quantity of food that you give to your pet (in the event that you feed the baby with natural, not industrial food).

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