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Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie

If the Yorkshire Terrier is too big a dog for you, there is good news. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a tendency for smaller representatives of our favorite Yorkshire terriers to be in high demand. You can get a smaller version of the breed — so tiny that it can not only travel in a purse, but it can probably get lost in one.

But what is the teacup dogs and what does it mean?

Are they pure Yorkshire terriers or a separate breed? What is living with a Yorkie teacup and what should we pay attention to when it’s home?

Teacup Yorkie, also known as the Miniature or Toy Yorkshire Terrier, weighs four pounds or less, making it one of the most valuable and portable cats around. Technically, the Yorkie teacup is not a real breed. These are just Yorkies who are fewer breed specs due to random or (all over) breeding. One of the most frequently asked questions that breeders are currently receiving: “Do you have any terrier tea puppies for sale?”

The simple truth is that none of them have a toy Yorkie since such a classification does not exist. Let’s clarify. The official breed standard for Yorkshire terriers stipulates that adult Yorkies should weigh no more than 7 (seven) pounds. To be precise, the breed standard reads: “Weight: must not exceed seven pounds.”This definition was approved on April 12, 1966.

The main difference:

The usual size of Yorkie is from 4 to 7 pounds (1.81 kg to 3.17 kg), and the teacup does not even reach.Usually, it is somewhere between 1.5 and 3 pounds. There are absolute differences between the genetic code of the tea Yorkshire terrier and the traditional Yorkie.

What is a toy Yorkie?

According to the classifications that AKC has, there is a group for the breed of toys, and because of its size, the Yorkshire Terrier is technically such a breed. And since this is considered a toy breed, You do not have to pay extra money if you want to buy a Yorkshire terrier, just because it is advertised as a teacup dog. All Yorkshire terriers are toy Yorkies only because they belong to toy group.

What about Teacup, Mini, Tiny, Miniature and Micro Yorkies?

Wow, with so many Yorkies, this is probably the most challenging breed in the world. But please do not panic, you do not need a master’s degree in Yorkies.  Ordinary Yorkies weigh between 4 and 7 pounds.

Well, for a dog that is smaller than this, breeders, the media and the general public can call it a teacup dog. This means that the dog seems to be lower than the expected standard. The term is variable because AKC does not limit the specific size. For example, if you have a dog weighing five pounds, technically it is not a teacup dog, as by the rules of the breed registry, but still, some people call it a baby Yorkies for marketing purposes .

‘Fraudulent “Breeders” teacup puppies. Unfortunately, this term is used by breeders just trying to attract the attention of buyers who do not know this breed. Hearing that they can buy a teacup puppy, people feel that they will get a special dog. However, we have already said that standard dogs of this breed should not be more massive than 7 Ibs. Well, there are also breeders who do not know enough about Yorkies and sell traditional Yorkie as a teacup. That is why you should avoid these breeders.

In the breeding industry, there is a tendency that the dog can achieve even smaller sizes than the minimum breed standards allow, and such dogs are usually labeled as tea dogs or toy dogs. But, breeding such a little dog, for sure you will have many health problems that generally do not occur in a dog with standard breed size.


If you plan on getting Yorkies, you can now worry about whether you can take care of such a delicate and fragile dog. And you should be.  The fact is that unlike most dog breeds, Yorkshire terriers simply do not fit into their usual home, lifestyle and even temperament.

Speaking of the fact that Teacup Yorkie has a unique personality, you should know about it. These dogs, for example, require you to love them deeply and continuously. Having lost your attention, they can feel stress and even depression, which can lead to specific health problems.

But your relationship is not the only thing that can be a problem for them. If you have small children at home, a teacup Yorkie may not be the best idea. Children are funny and loving, but they express this love by playing, hugging and hugging an animal all day? It may be useful for a standard Yorkshire terrier, but not suitable for a teacup terrier. It is dangerous and risky.

Like other small dogs, Yorkies do not understand that they are too small, so they have no problems with self-esteem. These dogs are usually quite active and adventurous. They are attractive, and they love to get a lot of attention from their owners.

How Expensive Are Teacup Yorkies?

young yorkshire terrier in front of white background

After all this, it would be logical to say that the price of a teacup Yorkie is much lower than the cost of a standard Yorkshire terrier.

Surprisingly, the market follows its trend and logic, and if to speak briefly, the smaller Yorkies, the higher the price.

Surely there is one logical point of view, and this is high demand. And following the standard market trends – the higher the request, the higher the price.

It is difficult to give an exact price or even an average value because too many factors influence it, but you can see ads from 1,200 to 2,000 dollars and more.

Inevitably two main factors mainly affect the price. The first is the breeder’s reputation, and the second, more important, is the paper of a small doll.

As you can guess, if the breeder can provide the proper documents along with the puppy’s health history, then he can ask for a high price.

When budgeting for a Yorkie teacup, be sure to include all veterinary bills, followed by an initial purchase.

After a long list, which we wrote about above, you should remember that these are all possible health problems that you should be prepared for. Returning to the documents and the health history of the puppy you are buying is worth spending a few more dollars to buy a puppy with the proper papers.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of a Teacup Yorkie?

People think that mini Yorkies need more care, have health problems more often than standard ones, and live less. Statistics say that this is true, but there are, of course, healthy miniature Yorkies who live happy and longer than a standard breed. There is no guaranteed way to determine how long a particular puppy will live.

The approximate lifespan of a dog can be assessed taking into account many different factors. These include the parents of the dog (and the genes), whether the puppy was cared for correctly, how it grew and others. No one can say precisely what will happen to a small puppy during his life’s journey, but you must be careful to reduce the risk of getting a puppy with poor health. To be sure of this, you should be familiar with the above factors.

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia):

is one of the most common problems in a teacup Yorkie, even more, when a puppy turns 8-16 weeks old. You need to be more careful about feeding because overfeed have a high risk of hypoglycemia it.

Due to the fact that there is not enough muscle mass, which is necessary for the accumulation of glucose and plays a big role in the regulation of blood sugar levels. This medical problem can lead to convulsions, weakness, lethargy and can even be fatal. This can be prevented by many things, but actions should not be delayed. If necessary, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

How long do teacup Yorkies live?

As a rule, the life expectancy of a teacup is 7 to 9 years. Standard Yorkies life expectancy is up to or over 12 years. However, again, these statistics are only general, and they roughly estimate the life expectancy of yorks, believing that death will be natural.

If a puppy has a congenital trauma, genetic error, or a specific incident, it will live less than indicated above. We recommend choosing a puppy for at least six months old. However, the choice is yours. This is the best age for a Yorkshire terrier puppy to be taken home, and then it would be easier to see if there are any health problems and how the dog grows. It is expected that the puppy will reach its maximum weight after one year, and the pressure will change very little over the next year.

Teacup Yorkie Poos

The Yorkshire / Poodle Cross, known as Yorkie Poo, is one of the most popular designer breeds in the world. Not surprisingly, many people lined up to buy Teacup Yorkie Poo. Being both miniature and hybrid, they note two very hot trends in dog breeding. But it’s not just fashion. Thanks to the poodle side of the combo, these small dogs do not spill and, therefore, are hypoallergenic. Mixing breeds probably result in an overall healthier dog (although if health is your primary concern, you should buy a standard-sized dog).

What Health Problems Do Teacup Yorkies Have?

It is small and delicate, so any changes in its lifestyle, diet or environment can be dangerous to its health.

First aid – wrap the puppy in a clean towel and warm it. Rub the gums of the animal with a small amount of corn syrup, honey or Nutri-Cal to get a little glucose in the blood. The puppy should eat as quickly as possible, but if the condition is too serious, the veterinarian should immediately examine the dog.

But yorkies are also genetically predisposed to some specific diseases or chronic diseases. Some of them appear from birth, while others develop in time. In any case, below you will learn about the most common health problems in Teacup Yorkie:

Other health problems

1.) Congenital defects, which are usually either small kidneys or portosystemic shunt. This may refer to the type of condition in which a vein passing through the liver passes around it. The result is a decrease in liver function, which leads to other health problems. Symptoms begin to appear in the early stages of a dog’s life and include lack of growth, frequent disorientation, and seizures.

2.) Problems with anesthesia. Regardless of whether an operation or intervention is prescribed, anesthesia can be extremely problematic for your dog.

There is some preliminary blood anesthesia to discuss with your doctor beforehand. And you need to know that some veterinarians even rule out the operation for the treatment of the teacup Yorkie.

3.) Rapid drop in blood sugar levels. This is very serious and can be fatal. You need to visit your vet regularly if your Yorkie shows signs of such low blood sugar.

4.) Attacks make dog body hard. The puppy suffers from uncontrolled muscle spasms. It may be quiet or whine. Cramps are a symptom of a serious illness; Visit your veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

5.) Shorter life expectancy is most often due to heart disease. Heart diseases, on the other hand, are common because dogs are very emotional, and they are stressed from many things. Providing a normal life for your teacup, however, will minimize the risk of a heart attack at an early age.

6.) The fragile structure of the bone, which greatly increases the risk of injury. That’s why you need to watch a teacup  yorkie all the time and all day and never allow yourself to play alone in the garden.

7.) Ligament and tendon injuries – which can lead to hip dysplasia, tracheal collapse, patella slip or even bone fractures.

8.) Chronic pelvic pain syndrome causes both pain and permanent restrictions in normal life, which are usually associated with bacterial infections and prostatitis problems.

9.) A huge risk for mothers during pregnancy.

10.) Hydrocephalus. It can be not only congenital, but also acquired. Leads to excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.

11.) Open the springs (in fact, this is a soft spot on the crown of the dog).

12.) Ulcers on the skin. Ulcers may develop on the elbows and some other parts of the body. Hair can also be thinned in certain areas.

13.) Physiological problems – Studies have shown that they are directly related to the small size of the cups.

Owning a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

Teacup yorkie puppy – If you have such a dog, it means that you have to show daily love and care for it, and also treat it much more carefully, because it is especially important for these small dogs. And because of their small size, there are a few more things to look out for. We will do our best to share as much information and advice as we can, to  make your new puppy’s life as easy as possible.

After you take your puppy at home

  1. During the first two weeks, you should carefully monitor how your dog behaves and lead its healthy lifestyle. This means that the puppy should have clean water, good food, regular visits to the toilet and plenty of time to play.
  2. Yorkie puppies, until they reach the age of 4 months, are exactly like human babies.
  3. They require a lot of quiet time and rest for proper development. Do not let the puppy wander around the house immediately after you bring it home, but place it in a warm and beautiful room and slowly introduce it to your new home.
  4. Make sure the puppy has easy access to fresh water at any time.
  5. Watch carefully and don’t leave alone on the bed, on the couches or chairs, and also on objects from which it can jump or fall, because its bones are very fragile, so accidents can easily occur.
  6. You will have to pay attention to your furniture, and if you have something that can harm your dog, you should not leave it unattended.
  7. If it is the first time you have a puppy, do not forget to constantly monitor your feet, because the york cups are small and you can easily overlook them
  8. You must be especially careful because it is difficult to have such a small dog around you, and you should always walk and look around slowly to avoid accidents. Many accidents happened because the owners simply did not see the puppy approaching.
  9. If you have no breeding experience, remember that this process is dangerous and difficult for tea Yorkshire terriers because of their small size and weight, which make it very difficult to give birth.
  10. If the breeder is not sufficiently educated, the probability of the mother dying during childbirth is really high.
  11. Miniature Yorkies often have an incomplete or incorrect bite, which can usually be the reason for the so-called “protruding tongue” position


There are many facts and information that you can find on the Internet when it comes to a suitable diet for dogs, small portions 3-4 times a day, will be perfect.

Fats are also very important for a dog, but if you will give too many for a teacup, he may gain extra weight, which will be risky for his growth.  Just give him some food before going to bed and feed him immediately after waking up. If your pet refuses to eat, contact a veterinarian immediately and ask for a help.

If you want or need to change the diet for your dog, remember that this process should be gradually carried out within 10-12 days. Start with a mixture (20% of the new food( and (80% of the old food) and gradually change it, adding more new food every day and removing some of the old one. Diarrhea and indigestion may occur if the puppy’s diet is changed immediately.


Puppies between 4 and 8 weeks old should not be completely washed but wiped with baby wipes. After the procedure, the puppy must be completely dried, because it can easily catch a cold.
The anus region should also be checked, and it should be clean. If you need to wash it, use a little shampoo for puppies and warm water.
In general, teacup dogs are similar to other puppies, but require more attention and time to be provided with everything they need.


Look  some practical tips on caring for Teacup Yorkie:

1.) Choose quality grooming tools. First of all, have a specially selected shampoo, delicate for delicate skin, which Teacup Yorkie has and can make dog’s hair silky and nutritious. For nutrition, apply a moisturizing conditioner during or in front of the bath, as well as some remaining product to protect the wool until the next bath.
2.) Brushing is very important, but you should also remember that these duties are performed after bathing. The fact is:  that bathing makes hair and scalp sensitive, and combing quickly restores blood circulation.

4.) Have a bath brush.  This is not a brush that you use to make your dog’s hair style beautiful and stylish, but a means to relax the dog during the bathing procedure .Plus – cleaning the Yorkie cup while it is in the bath is very soothing and also has a beneficial effect on the skin, so you can really protect it from dryness, dullness and even irritation.

5.) Invest in a set of wet wipes specially made for the delicate skin of the dog. Use them daily in the area around the eyes, where you will see an excess of tears.


Hello, I am Susan, the Yorkie lover. I really admire those little creatures. I hope that you like them as much as I do.

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