10 Most Popular Myths about Yorkies

10 Most Popular Myths about Yorkies

10 Most Popular Myths about Yorkies

Yorkie Puppy

1. Yorkie puppy- which has an unusual coat in several shades, are valued much more than their fellow breed. Particular attention should be paid to wool with blue and brown-black patches, as well as white and cream breast. This color is considered standard for the playful breed.

2. Therefore, when buying (if suddenly you are lucky and you find a puppy of exactly this color), look carefully at the baby. Perhaps the breeder is not entirely clear on the hand and resorted to artificial dyeing of wool. You, of course, as a lady, can distinguish an artificial color from a natural one. Otherwise, the risk of parting with a round sum unnecessarily.

Where are the Yorkies from?

3. Before the settlement of the Yorkshire terrier in England, small dogs were called scotch terrier. And only after the Yorks became the favorites of the British, the journalist Angus Sutherland noted that it was in foggy Albion, in Yorkshire, that the breed had undergone positive changes and suggested changing the name of the race. So the terrier became Yorkshire.

How a tiny Yorkie became a World War II hero?

4. It was Yorkie who distinguished himself among his fellow men with courage and dedication. Thus, the baby terrier nicknamed Smoky during the Second World War became a companion and twin of the soldier Billy Wine.

Together they passed the front of New Guinea, where the dog acted as a scout. There, a baby Yorkshire terrier paved the way under a Japanese airfield through pipes and communication passages for laying explosives.

5. Later, Smoky became a kind of doctor-therapist in a military hospital. The kid helped the soldiers to recover after injuries.

6. And finally, Smoky conquered the expanses of Hollywood, playing several roles in the movies and performing on television shows.

7. Baby Sylvia from England became the smallest york among her fellow breeds. At the withers, her height reached only 6.35 cm, and her weight was 113.4 grams.

Newborn Yorkshire terrier

8.The fact that newborn Yorkshire terriers sleep excessively long. Almost 90% of their infancy crumbs spend in a dream. The only exception is food.

Actual weight

9. Scientists have proven that little Yorkshire terriers are very brave. Without realizing their actual weight (an average of 3 kg), these crumbs can quite seriously engage in a dispute with a broader representation of the canine world.

So, for example, a small Yorkshire terrier once rescued its owner from a dog that attacked her and weighed about 25 kg. Rival lost in this battle. And baby York got nine stitches for the memory of her courage.

10. Also, small Yorkshire terriers are ideal as a companion to people with a penchant for allergies.

10 Most Popular Myths about Yorkies

Hello, I am Susan, the Yorkie lover. I really admire those little creatures. I hope that you like them as much as I do.