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Diapers for Yorkies: How to choose

Dog diapers are an indispensable auxiliary hygiene accessory. They are suitable for large, medium and small breed dogs. Differences will be in size, design and materials. How to Choose the Right Diapers for Small Breed Dogs? To do this, you must follow some recommendations that will help you choose the most suitable hygiene accessory for your pet. Manufacturers of pet clothing and accessories have created different types. The most useful thing is pet diapers. The article describes how they are made and what they are usually made of.

Pampers can be purchased at the any local Pet Shop or online

Main varieties

Pet Pampers can come in the form of a belt or shorts. The owners choose the goods according to the needs of the animal.

Hygiene belts

In the form of a wide belt for men, they take diapers. These corsets will be useful for dogs who like to mark the corners of the room. The thing is made of multi-layered membrane fabric, it has Velcro fastening.

Sanitary panties

Classic sanitary underwear looks like regular panties with a tail slit. These animals are purchased for female dogs during the period of menstruation. Inside you have a liner that can be changed as it gets dirty.

How to choose a diaper

Layers are selected taking into account several parameters

  1. Gender of the animal – for boys, clothes are made according to other patterns, and it may not suit females.
  2. Dimensions and individual features of the breed.
  3. Appearance – belt or classic panties; You can also choose the material and colors.

Q If the puppy is used to diapers, he can already walk in them. It will be difficult to put on hygienic underwear for an unprepared adult animal.

Dog diapers help keep the house clean and convenient. To buy this accessory, it is important to know what to look for when choosing.

The modern pet supplies market offers a large number of all kinds of pet products: from ammunition to hygiene products. In particular, diapers (pampers) for dogs belong to hygiene products. This device can very quickly help in a variety of situations.

Pampers is a convenient and practical way to keep your home clean. Pet stores offer a wide variety of these products. But, before buying this accessory for your pet, it is important to know its purpose.

Why are they needed

Many people wonder why animals need this adaptation. Owners of small dogs, such as Chihuahuas or small dogs, are in demand. What do you call yourself when buying dog diapers?

  1. The puppy has not yet learned to endure, and they take him in his arms, on the sofa or in the car;
  2. The dog needed to be transported by train or plane;
  3. A dog after an operation and should not be taken outside;
  4. The pet is sick, suffers from incontinence;
  5. During the show, especially if the dog is very shy;
  6. Male marking territory;
  7. The bitch is in heat.

Now you can buy dog ​​diapers in Moscow and other cities. There are several varieties that differ in material and size. The basis of the female costume is shorts, high and deep. There are also several varieties.

  1. Small diapers for dogs of small breeds. They are purchased for York, that terrier, dachshund, chihuahua.
  2. Special underpants with interchangeable pads. They are needed by an adult bitch in heat or by a dog that marks territory. This option is convenient for calm animals, some rip them off, then it is better to purchase a full-fledged diaper.
  3. Large for elderly pets, patients or after operations – full-fledged diapers, made like children’s ones.

How to put on a diaper

It is not necessary to understand how to properly put a diaper on a cat or dog. The design elements of the model depend on its design features. as a rule, the algorithm of actions for the basic design is as follows:

  1. Fix the animal in a comfortable position (classic diapers are most convenient to put on when the dog is standing).
  2. Pass the tail into a special hole (it will also tell you where the bottom and top are);
  3. Fix the bottom part with 2 clamps.
  4. Check the tightness of the fit (the diaper should not press too hard, but should not hang loose).

Popular diapers

Many manufacturers produce diapers for small breed dogs. The price can vary by several dollars if the manufacturer is known.

The most popular hygiene products are:

Household diapers in hydrophilic non-woven fabric. They are made from fluff pulp and superabsorbent polymer. The inside of the product is covered with a special polyethylene film that lets air through and does not absorb moisture.

Pampers for cats and dogs can be used as food. Size for small dog breeds – XS (weight 2-4 kg, waist circumference 15-25 cm). Depending on the size, the quantity in the package decreases: XS – 11 pcs., S – 10 pcs., etc.

The wedges perform their main function well: they do not get wet, allow the smell to pass and better delay the discharge. They do not slip, sit firmly and securely. There is a hole for the tail. If the pet has not taken off the diaper, you can put on a jumpsuit or bodysuit over it.

Trixie hygienic nappies made in Germany are made from high quality hypoallergenic. They perfectly provide the animal with the necessary hygiene. Trixies have good absorbent properties, retain the smell well.

Wide adhesive tapes are glued to the diapers. A guaranteed fit to the body is ensured by a soft elastic waistband that hugs the waist perfectly and does not slip. The tail remains open, which does not interfere with the free movement of the tail.

Size XS-S for small breeds. It is designed for animals with a size of 20 to 28 cm. There are 12 layers in the package.

Country of origin – China. Pet diapers are made from soft materials that do not cause discomfort to the pet. The product is fixed with a delicate but durable velcro. On the sides there is an elastic band that prevents moisture from escaping.

Ampersands for dogs absorb liquid well without letting it out. The absorbent layer has a medium size and allows you to adequately fulfill its main function without interfering with walking! The diaper does NOT hinder movement: the animal will therefore feel comfortable; there is a hole under the tail (for knitting). There is a hole for the seat belt on the collars – it will help to avoid animal health problems when walking around the apartment or at home after walking for no reason

Size XS is suitable for Yorkies, Pomeranians and Toy Terriers. Normally, the pet’s waist circumference is 20-28 cm, and the weight is 2-4 kg.

Another type of household hygiene products. The product is made of down pulp, which consists of an absorbent bottom layer and a non-woven material that lays the outer layer on the body of a person or an animal (animal). An elastic thread with a soft barrier on the sides protects against moisture leakage through the skin of the hands using a special device – “Sputnik”. This design also allows additional fixation of the body when using the facial skin protection product: it does not allow air to enter the product; protects its surface from the cleaning constituents of the product

The elastic waistband is fixed with a reusable velcro. It holds the diaper securely and prevents it from slipping.

Moisture and odors are retained and not distributed. Do not interfere with the animal, do not limit its movements. There is a special hole in the tail.

Size XS is suitable for small dogs.

Types of diapers

Nowadays, you can buy dog ​​diapers at any retail store or online. The choice can be a problem.

Rules for hygiene and diaper use

Everything must be cared for in accordance with the requirements, constantly monitor its condition. This is especially important in the summer, when covered parts of the animal’s body cause allergies.

Using diapers in the summer

How to wear diapers properly

  1. Hygienic underwear is worn a maximum of 3 times per day. Otherwise, cracks and diaper rash will appear in a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body. During periods of heat, diapers are changed about 2 times a day.
  2. Before putting on the product, a cream or powder is applied to the delicate area.
  3. Having removed the diaper, you need to let the skin of the animal breathe, and only then put it on a new one.
  4. For prolonged wear, it is recommended to use antimicrobial agents for the skin.

Pampers need a gentle wash.

In clean panties – this is very important. You can not force the animal to walk in dirty clothes – this can cause him a negative experience with diapers.

On the shoulders of the owner rests the full satisfaction of the needs of the dog. In stores, you can find a variety of options for such products, and if desired, the pet owner can make the necessary purchases himself! In many cases, it is important to have diapers for dogs at hand.

Belts for males yorkies

If the reason is the presence of marks that men leave on the corners and furniture of a house or apartment during puberty, then a suction cup belt can be an ideal solution.

Please note that such a hygiene product is not designed for a large amount of secretions. Therefore, it cannot be used in cases where an alternative to walking is needed.

A belt is no worse than a diaper:

  1. Owners do not have to think about how to put a diaper on a dog, the belts are simply wrapped around the body of the animal and fixed (most often Velcro acts as a fixative);
  2. Most of the dog’s body is not covered by a diaper, so there are significantly fewer problems with diaper rash;
  3. Reusable belts are easy to wash and dry, and their use is much cheaper than buying disposable diapers.

But belts also have their drawbacks. Secondly, it is insufficient fixation on the body and the belt. As a result, in active animals, he can quickly move or even fall to the side – which will lead to a complete failure of the owner’s expectations. An alternative solution to the problem is braces, as in the second photo. The second disadvantage is the inability to absorb a large amount of moisture. If the dog decides to mark seriously, it will probably not only spoil the coat.

Making a diaper with your own hands for Yorkie

To make a homemade diaper, you will need:

  1. Ready-made baby diaper;
  2. Sewing kit;
  3. Stationery stapler for fastening;
  4. Scissors.

The size of the raw material is chosen depending on the size of the animal. In a baby diaper you need to cut a hole for the tail. Then, with the help of a needle, the threads are processed around the edges. Baked layers can be used ready to use.

Attention! You need to check how the diaper fits the dog.

To create a reusable diaper, use textile shorts and large women’s pads that stick to the fabric. A circle is cut out for the animal’s tail. Diapers for small dogs and puppies are best made from baby diapers, and for large breeds from cloth pants.

What are dog diapers for

Dog diapers are panty-like underwear with a dense, moisture-retaining layer. They are put through the legs of the animal. In everyday situations, underwear can be useful in various life situations.


When traveling, diapers are essential: on a long journey on any type of transport, you often will not be able to take the dog out. To protect yourself from the need to clean up after the animal, you can use pants – usually they do NOT interfere with the animal and bring physical discomfort to the dog or cat in general; and also to avoid discomfort when walking with a dog after walking around the apartment (house) or the living area around it).


The female dog goes through a series of important periods. One of these phenomena is estrus, when mucus with a specific smell is produced. Pet owners must constantly clean up after the female to protect them from these secretions. Dog diapers are more comfortable.

Pay attention! Experts do not advise immediately putting on diapers at the first estrus.

Is it good to wear a diaper when in heat

Diapers help improve house cleanliness and protect pet’s organs from infection. But menstruation in females is a natural process, and wearing panties at this time can interfere with the dog’s orientation.


Small males can go to the bathroom without waiting to come out. Dogs mark their territory for a variety of reasons, perhaps through lack of training or lack of training. Until the dog learns to behave properly, it is worth buying him sanitary pants.


Some dogs are in poor health and may suffer from urinary incontinence. Overly emotional animals violently express joy or sadness, which is accompanied by urination (urinary filling). Don’t get angry for such behavior – it’s not the animal’s fault! In such situations, diapers with a synthetic filler for pet dogs are also used: they are protected against getting dirt into the eyes of pets when walking around the apartment or after visiting the toilet at home , they get froth from the animal’s mouth using special devices inside the “replacement” case.


The dog is very weak after the operation. She cannot walk regularly and control her physiological processes, so she is temporarily put on diapers.

Puppies and older dogs

Enki requires increased attention from the owner. You have to walk with them or teach them to go to the bathroom in a diaper until they grow up. If they don’t fit, you can get special puppy diapers. Senior pets will also need such clothing, as senior pets are not always able to regulate the bladder.

Pampers are not a decorative element, but a hygiene product for particular use.

However, even hygienic things for animals can cause discomfort and irritation. Therefore, shorts are not intended for healthy animals.

How to train a Yorkie to diapers

Diapers are not suitable for weak and sick animals, and active animals are unlikely to like them. Tips to get used to it more easily

  1. The thing is put on neatly – the pet is not kept by force, they are not treated rudely.
  2. In the process, you can gently talk to the dog, praise and stroke, give a treat.
  3. A pet can get used to it for a long time, that is, training will need to be carried out repeatedly.
  4. You can’t leave your pet in panties all the time.
  5. If the animal is in rehabilitation, and before it went for a walk usually in clothes, panties are put on underneath. At the same time, the sizes of things are correlated: outerwear should not sit too tightly due to an additional accessory and hamper the movement of the dog.

The first time the diapers are not used for a long time, only 10-15 minutes.

Diaper training

If the animal is unfamiliar with diapers, trying to put them on or take them off the tray may fail. Even if you manage to fix the accessory in the animal, the animal can then be torn and shredded. To achieve a successful result, you should use some recommendations: brush your teeth after a walk every day until 8 p.m.; spend time with your master (if you have one).

  1. Don’t rush. Let the pet get acquainted with the new object, sniff it. Calm the animal and only then put on a hygiene item. Putting on a diaper, talk to the dog, stroke it. It is important that the pet does not feel the danger from the new item.
  2. After the diaper is on the dog, distract him with a game so that he forgets about the new item for a while.
  3. You can distract your pet in other ways: talking, funny sounds, treats. It is important to switch the pet’s attention.
  4. Put the diaper on briefly first. Fifteen minutes will be enough. Gradually increase the time spent in the diaper until the dog gets used to it.
  5. If the dog, despite everything, still continues to show a negative reaction, put on a jumpsuit over the diaper and go for a walk. This will form a positive diaper-walk relationship.

Don’t forget to reward your pet with treats for good behavior.

When you need diapers

Diapers help a person and a dog if they can’t go to the bathroom outside or in a designated area. They are usually used for small dogs, as owners rarely take their children outside. This feature of the breed is associated with the characteristics of the breeds, since it will not be very comfortable for small dogs to walk in frost or severe rain. In addition, it can threaten his health.

How often does a baby need diapers? The most common of them:

  1. The dog does not yet know how to go to the toilet in a certain place. Small dogs can relieve themselves on a special bed or go to the tray. This applies not only to puppies, but also to adults, since small breeds do not require frequent walking.
  2. Flight or trip. Pampers in this case will help to comfortably endure a long stay in a confined space (airplane or train). Moreover, the animal is usually transported in a basket or carrier.
  3. Heat. The girl dog cannot control these secretions, so it is recommended to use hygiene products to keep the house clean.
  4. Incontinence. It can occur after surgery, it can occur in both girls and boys.
  5. The presence of seams. Pampers will protect wounds and postoperative sutures from unnecessary irritation.
  6. The advanced age of the animal. In this case, the pet may also experience incontinence.
  7. Going to visit. If the pet will be in the room for a long time, especially if it is little known to him, the diaper will come in handy.

However, despite the fact that diapers are safe and hygienic, they should not be abused. The animal must learn to control its impulses and get used to the toilet. During the period of wearing even the most expensive and high-quality diapers, skin irritation may occur.

Size chart

  1. XS – minimum size, suitable for puppies of pocket breeds, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, etc.;
  2. S – suitable for adult representatives of pocket breeds;
  3. M – suitable for puppies of medium breeds, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Bichons, etc.;
  4. L – suitable for adult pets of medium breeds;
  5. XL – suitable for large dogs: collies, basenjis, schnauzers, etc.;
  6. XXL – for the largest dogs: Great Danes, Labradors, Mastiffs, etc.

If a dog wraps around a dog’s belly, what is its waistline? It is a more precise method. Before going to the store, you need to take measurements with a centimeter tape, and when choosing a product, focus on the values ​​​​of the labels.

Different manufacturers use different size codes, some indicate the size in centimeters.

When do you need diapers for dogs

If you’ve been wearing diapers all your life, you won’t be wearing them either. Situations that require the use of diapers are not everyday

  1. So, during the period of toilet training for little puppies, while they are not yet able to control the process of urination, diapers will be of great help to the owner. Over time, when the baby grows up and begins to be aware of brain signals about the urge to urinate, diapers can be abandoned. And for a difficult period, in order to exclude the appearance of puddles in the house, it is better to choose comfortable diapers for a small pet.
  2. Older dogs often suffer from urinary incontinence. The fact is that irreversible age-related changes occur in the aging body, the genitourinary system weakens, and this can provoke uncontrolled urination. Diapers in such a situation will greatly facilitate the care of the animal.
  3. Pampers are also needed in the postoperative period, when the pet is weakened, has difficulty moving, and his reactions are reduced.
  4. If the dog is actively marking territory, a diaper will solve the problem.
  5. You can keep the house clean during estrus in a dog, as well as protect it from males while walking by putting a diaper on it.
  6. Hygiene products are indispensable in cases when you have to travel, move, fly or visit guests.

Diapers that must be worn throughout an animal’s life due to injury or spinal cord injury.

How to choose a diaper?

Diapers for dogs of small breeds are presented in the pet market in a wide range. How to buy and order? They will vary in size, materials and design. Diapers come with velcro, ruffles, etc. From materials that are hypoallergenic and do not retain an unpleasant odor.

How to choose a diaper for a small dog?

  1. Decide on the size. Manufacturers can use gradation by breed, weight or waist size. Therefore, before buying a hygiene product, it is advisable to measure your pet. Sizes are usually labeled XS to XXL, where XS is the smallest size. It is suitable for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Spitz, etc. For slightly larger breeds (for example, Japanese Chin, etc.), size S corresponds. Size M will fit a Pekingese or Miniature Poodle.
  2. Buy for trial. Visually, diapers may not differ much. However, the dog may not be suitable for the products of a particular company. Therefore, you can buy several diapers from different manufacturers individually and choose the most suitable size and quality.
  3. Prefer soft, hypoallergenic materials. Small breeds usually have sensitive skin that is prone to frequent irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the diaper and make sure that it does not have tight seams, and it is not made of coarse fabric that can damage the skin of the animal.

How to use

Commenting on the recommendations of veterinarians and owners, we can say: diapers for adult dogs can make life much easier for the owner. When buying such hygiene products, in addition to buying the diapers themselves, you will need:

  1. Timely replacement (do not allow a cat or dog to stay in a filled diaper for a long time, this is fraught with inflammatory processes);
  2. A regular washing procedure (if this is not done, an unpleasant smell in the room is guaranteed);
  3. Daily breaks in wear, as the skin needs to breathe (perhaps during this period the family will have to provide more careful monitoring of the pet’s actions);
  4. The use of special creams and powders (for many animals, antibacterial therapy with external agents also becomes mandatory due to skin reactions).

The cost of diapers for dogs & yorkies

The cost of dog diapers can vary depending on the size and brand of dog. Some brands offer special diapers specifically designed for dogs and humans. Others can be used as protective clothing or even used to care for dog-cats! On average, you will have to shell out around $20-30 for a pack of diapers that will keep them safe and sound for several weeks. However, prices may vary depending on where you purchase the diapers. If you have the chance, wander around the store and compare the prices of diapers for your dog.

It should also be noted that the cost of dog diapers is only one factor in maintenance. Other costs may include trips to the vet to find out what’s wrong and get any treatment that’s needed, as well as extra house cleaning. It’s a good idea to anticipate these costs and plan for long-term care for a dog with incontinence issues.

Production materials

What is the composition of dog diapers

  1. The first layer (outer) consists of waterproof fabric.
  2. The second (internal) has moisture-absorbing properties. It is made, for example, from cellulose.
  3. Velcro fasteners are also included, which fix the product on the waist and allow you to quickly remove it or put it on the animal.

Pay attention! More expensive diapers will last longer as they are made from high quality materials.

What people say about pet diapers

If you are considering buying dog diapers, you should read reviews from veterinarians and owners.

Elena, veterinarian:

Some dog owners believe that diapers are their salvation from all problems, including lack of time for walks. It’s a decoy! Pampora helps resolve most conditions existing in animals (diseases and age-related changes). I am against the constant wearing of diapers by dogs, because it is not natural for the animal. “Most problems are solved by education and sterilization (if we are talking about dogs that have no breeding value).

Josh, owner of the spaniel:

Our Martin is a prickly dog, and he has all the problems. It was sometimes very hard. Some offered to put us to sleep, but we couldn’t. Everything became much easier when the vet advised to keep Matina at home in a special diaper. We read the reviews, picked 3 sizes for testing, and fixed some of the issues.

Wednesday, Yorkie Breeder:

“We have 3 young thoroughbred males (10 months, 1.5 years, and 4 years) and 3 breeding ladies at home. There is no way without diapers, because the competition of the boys simply terrifies us all, they are ready to mark tirelessly, especially when they are growing up. For dogs, reusable belts are more convenient, for girls we buy disposable belts for the period of estrus, as hygiene products. The main thing is not to allow diaper rash, otherwise there are no gaps with the use. ”