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Chocolate Yorkie – Breed, Health Information

Chocolate Yorkie – Breed, Health Information

In recent years, the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed has grown in popularity. These dogs are little and charming, making them suitable for keeping at home. They are regarded highly sociable and are ideally suited even to families with small children, in addition to being bright and easily trainable. There are several common hues, but there is also a list of non-standard Yorkie colors that are as popular due to their rarity. Chocolate or Choco York is one of the breed’s representatives.

Yorkie in a chocolate color?

Chocolate-colored Yorkies are adorable and attract potential purchasers, especially since such breed representatives are uncommon. However, such a coat color is regarded a defect and does not come within the requirement. This kind of Yorkshire Terrier will be unable to compete in dog shows.
Despite the fact that they are unable to participate in formal exhibits or continue breeding, such puppies are fairly pricey. Many breeders strive to breed chocolate pets especially in order to sell them later for a profit.
Despite their lack of conformity in hue, such dogs, like their conventional counterparts, are emotionally stable and have great health. They have a positive attitude and are highly bold and energetic.

What is the origin of chocolate Yorkshire Terriers?

Breeders of the breed are generally in agreement. The color chocolate is caused by a weaker black gene. As a result, such puppies were previously marketed as breeding defects. The appearance of faulty kids from exceptional parents shocked breeders. The chocolate-colored Yorkshire Terrier, which was born from purebred parents, is currently a great rarity.

Chocolate Yorkkies Origin history

Choco Yorks may have originally emerged in the late 17th and early 18th century, while the breed was still developing. Given that the standard had not yet been established and that dogs were largely appreciated for their working abilities, it’s probable that brown-colored Yorks were bred at the time. All other color types available at the time were found to be outside the standard when the breed was officially recognized, and the only permissible color for the Yorkshire Terrier was steel gray with faint red. But, because genetics is a fickle thing, brownish puppies began to arise in standard dog litters from time to time. These unique canines piqued the curiosity of modern breeders, who began to breed them specifically.

Defect or breed?

Chocolate Yorkies are not recognized as a separate breed and are regarded a defect by color, despite their appealing looks and the same amazing nature as their standard kin. If pups from imported dogs with documents from amateur breed clubs are sold, they are puppies from imported dogs with documents from amateur breed clubs. Here’s where you can learn about the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard.

The pet’s personality

Chocolate York is a dog that is active, temperamental, and mobile. It is lively, sociable, and loving. These dogs get along with all other animals in the house, as well as children. Chocolate Yorkies may likely learn unusual tricks in addition to the normal orders because he is clever and well-trained. They are nice and friendly at home, but they will never bother the owners if they are not in the mood to speak with them at the time. Chocolate Yorks are sensitive to their owners’ moods and, like other Yorkshire breeds, are mentally reliant on them. One of the newly produced variants of the regular Yorkshire Terrier is the Chocolate Yorkie. These dogs are adorable, gregarious, and friendly. They are not aggressive toward people or animals, and they like sitting in their owners’ arms. The distinctive appearance of chocolate Yorkies cannot be overlooked: they always draw the attention of passers-by on the street. They are currently not permitted to attend exhibits.

Breed Specification

What distinguishes the brown representative of the breed from the standard one? The Yorkshire chocolate Terrier differs from the standard solely in color and coat type, according to the breed definition. The skull is flat and the head is tiny. The ears are trapezoidal and have a broad set. The eyes are oval in form and dark brown in hue, and they are expressive. The lobe of the nose is big and dark. The lower jaw has a constricted appearance.

  • The body is long and straight.
  • The croup and withers are on the same line.
  • The back is completely straight. The stomach has become constricted.
  • The limbs are quite short.
  • The claws are dark brown and the paws are rounded.
  • The tail had been docked before.
  • Long tails have recently become trendy among breed members.
  • The structure of wool is worth discussing individually. It is wavy in “normal” Yorks. The Yorkshire Terrier in chocolate is extraordinarily straight. In his situation, wavy hair is deemed as an a defect.
  • Hue ranges from light brown with tan markings to “bitter chocolate” in color.

Chocolate Color

The coat of the chocolate-colored Yorkshire Terrier is almost entirely brown. The hairs on the snout and ears are lighter. White patches on the pet’s breast and paws are sometimes seen. York’s eyes are often dark brown. The undercoat has vanished entirely.
The brown York is a beautiful dog, despite its variance with the officially accepted norm. He gets along with everyone in the family and has a remarkable aptitude to train. It is regarded as an excellent choice for a pet.
York brown is a vibrant and dynamic hue with a cheerful and receptive personality. Becomes quickly bonded to the owner and his family. It gets along nicely with other pets and little children in the house. He can plan vigorous games with an older child.
The breed’s representatives are extremely trainable and have high intelligence signs. Yorks are readily trained in basic instructions and may be taught unique feats, which he would gladly execute for a little praise.


When purchasing a dog, you must first consider your own tastes. Fashion, a child’s whims, and similarity to pals are all subject to change. Yorkshire Terriers have a 12-year lifespan. This is something to keep in mind when buying a dog like this. It is alive, and it must be responsible for the pet for the rest of its life.