How to potty train a puppy?

How to potty train a puppy?

Do you already have your dog? Now you need to teach him elementary things that will make your coexistence, more comfortable and enjoyable. It will be about teaching a little pet to the tray.

As soon as the puppy is in your home, you need to provide him with a place where, in your opinion, he can do his business. Note that baby Yorkie is still very tiny, and may not always do as you want.

  • So, be patient, it is very important.
  • First of all, in a dedicated place, you need to lay a newspaper or diaper. You can put a tray for dogs, in which we lay a diaper. You will need to teach your puppy to do all needs in this place. To do this, watch your pet carefully. As soon as you understand that the puppy sniffs and tries to crouch, turning around on its axis and trying on, immediately carry the Yorkshire terrier to the prepared place. You can poke a puppy nose in this place, in this case, it will better to understand. Do not forget to praise the animal for ingenuity and cleanliness.
  • Second thing: you should regularly show to your dog, where to go to the toilet (approximately every 2-3 hours). It is necessary to make such disembarkation after meals, before bedtime, after sleep, after the game.
  • Next thing: in any case, do not shout and do not scold the pet if he still goes to the toilet in the wrong place. A puppy will not understand you and just be afraid of you.
  • As a rule, within a few days, a Yorkshire terrier puppy will understand where he should relieve. Your task is to keep this place clean and change a diaper when it needs to.
  • When the baby-Yorkie grows up and becomes a fully grown up dog (3-4 months), it is time to teach him to go hiking on the street. This makes life easier for the owners.

A few rules that will help you to teach the Yorkshire terrier to do their work not in the house, but on the street

  • You should start to go for a walk in the early morning
  • Go for a walk 4-5 times a day
  • Limit the amount of fluid overnight.

These simple rules require your patience, but after a couple of months, Yorkie will know exactly what to do.

You can leave a newspaper or a home toilet only if you leave home for a long period (up to 5 hours).

Easy tips during training

  1. Important to remove all carpets and walkways. Firstly, if the puppy “spares up” once on the carpet, then he will do it all the time, secondly, it is very difficult to remove the unpleasant smell from the carpet.
  2. Decide in advance where the puppy will go to the toilet: a diaper or tray. Choosing a tray, pay attention to the following points: The toilet should be a little more cat-like. Tray fillers are not used. The grille mounted on the tray should be safe and allow the legs to remain dry.
  3. For the smallest puppy, use the following method: protect the territory of the room – about 1.5-2 square meters. Leave the bare floor and tray or absorbent diaper in place. Gradually expand the territory, and leave the familiar tray or diaper with the smell. Do not put absorbent diaper just on the floor – the puppy will carry and drive it all over the apartment.
  4. Use a special diaper tray. You can buy such a tray in the pet store. While the puppy is small, use several diapers, spreading them in different places.
  5. Watch for the puppy and the diaper, on which Yorkie walks less often, remove it. Gradually bring the number of diapers to one.
  6. Immediately after eating, sleeping or playing, put him in a designated place for the toilet. Use the “carrot and stick” method during training.
  7. If the puppy coped with the task correctly and used the tray or diaper for its intended purpose, then encourage him with delicacy and affection.
  8. But if the baby went to the toilet not where it is needed, then express your displeasure and slightly bend the pet’s head to a puddle so that it understands exactly what caused your disapproval.
  9. All odors of feces from the wrong places must be carefully removed, using repellents and sprays. You can purchase these products at a pet store or use home-made products with a pungent odor.
  10. This approach will allow you to quickly accustom Yorkie to the diaper. Have patience in the difficult task of training York puppy to the toilet.
  11. How long does it take to potty train a puppy? The whole process can take up to 5-7 months, but you should not give up and perform the same ritual all the time.