Kind Of Yorkie

Maltese Yorkie

Maltese Yorkie

If you have decided to have a pet, namely – a dog, you need to approach the choice of a pet with all seriousness and responsibility, because very soon the life of this living creature, which will grow before your eyes and every time to cheer and please you with his presence, will depend only on you. Now you can find the most unusual breeds of dogs, not counting the ones we are used to. But if you are making your choice about a single individual, you should be guided only by your feelings. If you have a choice between Yorkie or Maltese, then you should be careful because they are extremely different breeds, although they are small.

Maltese Yorkie mix

  • Choosing a dog from these breeds is extremely difficult because they are both wonderful and good-natured dogs. But the Yorke of Terriers means it’s important to remember that dogs of this breed can’t always get along with young children
  • Maltese, on the other hand, is more patient and calm as a toy. It’s also worth noting that if you live in town, you will have to wash these dogs very often. And that means that their snow-white coat can turn grey. Of the downsides, there’s still a little tarnish under your eyes from time to time. That’s why Maltese dogs need more care.
  • Yorkies have much more dyed wool than Maltese, but the beautiful white wool of the last breed appropriates a noble, you might even say royal appearance. If you want to give your dog an unusual hairstyle, you can experiment.
  • Dogs of the Maltese breed are extremely intelligent creatures, they can easily find the right approach to their owner and are easy to train. But it’s not just them, but the Yorkie Terriers also have a peculiarity of remarkable training. Both breeds are very attentive, obedient, and calm, but in some different situations can behave differently.
  • Any of the above breeds visually look great, not only when they have long hair, but also when they are trimmed. In this case, a breed that is naturally long wool is ideal. Dogs that have their hair cut look very mannered.
  • People who have Maltese pets say that their pets have a very special character. And they say so because these dogs develop the most delicate feelings about their owner over time. It’s worth saying that dogs of both breeds don’t molt very much, but Maltese’s coat is thinner, which is why it breaks off more often when brushed.
  • If you combine all the advantages and small disadvantages of these animals, you can say that their chances of choice are almost the same. The Maltese dog can simply amaze any buyer with its unusual beauty, character, and shine of wool. If you look at the Yorkshire Terrier, it’s a very fun and friendly doggie that looks great with the beautiful haircut it can make.

Buying a cute and good dog like Maltese for yourself will get you one:

  • a great friend who will always be with you;
  • a dog that’s not too whimsical (if you cut it);
  • an incredibly nice addition to your image;
  • a dog like Maltese can bring you an incredible amount of happy memories and emotions.

Do you want to buy a decorative dog?

If you want to buy a decorative dog but can’t decide whether you want a Yorkshire Terrier or a Maltese, we’ll try to help you. The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkshire Bologne is a popular dog breed. The breed itself was introduced in Yorkshire back in the nineteenth century and that’s why it got its name. These little dogs could guard the house and accompany their owners on trips.

A Yorkshire must weigh no more than three kilos. Such a dog does not actually shed and is very rarely able to cause allergies in humans.

It is most difficult to care for a dog’s long hair if he participates in different dog shows. These dogs need regular washing and oiling. If a Yorkshire terrier does not participate in different shows, he will get a very short haircut.

You can keep a dog like this in very small apartments without any problems. You can get him used to the tray and get rid of walking, although a normal walk gives him a lot of fun. During the cold season, Yorkies are dressed for walks, otherwise, they will be cold. We must not forget that the dog is very fragile and can be accidentally injured. You have to be very careful with puppies. They won’t be suitable for families with children who can hurt a puppy by playing. Despite its small size, Yorkies, like other dogs, is very brave, curious, and restless. He is extremely friendly to people and dogs alike.

These dogs, like small children, need attention. They will gladly spend the whole day in your arms and follow you on your heels. Yorkies are very cheerful and playful.